10 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

It can be difficult to decide what to bring to a Christmas party whether you’re hosting or attending, but there’s no need to freak out because it’s the holidays and all that delicious seasonal food! Choose these quick yet tasty Christmas cookies instead of laboring over the stove to make the main course; your guests will be begging for a to-go box.

Cookies made with white chocolate and vanilla bean

This recipe transforms chocolate chip cookies into white chocolate, vanilla bean sugar cookies for the holidays. The best thing is? Despite being cooked with vegan butter, they don’t taste particularly good.

Red velvet cookies stuffed with cream cheese

These cookies are well-liked in bakeries and cafés everywhere, but the homemade version is more superior and festive even in its color scheme!

Cookies made of gingerbread with cranberry filling

We all find gingerbread to be an enduring pleasure over the holiday season. By using a cranberry cream filling in the Linzer fashion, this recipe enhances it even further. Christmas tree-shaped buds with a light sugary dusted coating.

Schnitzer Snickerdoodles from grandma

Snickerdoodle cookies are a traditionally sweet American staple and are the stuff of sweet tooths’ desires.

Cookies with a hot chocolate glaze and marshmallow frosting

During the Christmas season, crinkle cookies are a frequently modified cookie recipe. The ones who receive a generous dab of melt-in-your-mouth marshmallow frosting are blessed.

Chocolate-brownie cookie death

All chocolate lovers will discover a new favorite treat in these rich “death by chocolate” brownie cookies, which are countered by sea salt flakes. Surprisingly, they don’t contain grains and have less sugar.

Amish sugar cookies with peppermint

Even if we like the flavor of peppermint, candy canes are hard and tend to get lodged in our teeth despite their cute conceptual design. As an alternative, they are recreated as soft, fluffy sugar cookies with a peppermint icing and a sprinkle of crunchy peppermint pieces on top.

Ginger Molasses Cookies

This recipe, which is filled with ginger and has bold but delicate flavors, will be loved by people with more complex dessert tastes and a slight spicy kick. If you wish to prepare a sizable amount to spread out over time, they even freeze well.

Fluffy Eggnog Cookies with Frosting (vegan)

Although eggnog has a wonderful flavor, some people dislike the drink’s thick, syrupy consistency. But fear not; they are as cookie-proof as they come. Even the greatest eggnog doubters will be won over by these frosted eggnog cookies, which are made with nutritious ingredients and coconut milk eggnog.

Cookies with Christmas Lights

These cookies, while still tasty, were picked more for aesthetic reasons than the other cookies on this list, which were chosen for their ability to explode your tastebuds. Instead of making boring snowmen or snowflake cookies, use M&Ms to create these stylish yet easy Christmas light effects.


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