10 Best Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Finding Christmas attire is usually a hassle and can occasionally consume a significant portion of our end-of-year bonus. However, you might already have some stunning dresses stashed away in your wardrobe or simply be waiting for the right accessory to go with them. Here are our top Christmas outfits, whether you want to dress up or down.

1. This ensemble is suitable for both cocktail parties and office parties. It’s always appropriate to wear metallic bubble skirts with black tights. A long-sleeved black shirt can be tucked in to draw attention to the waist and harmonise with the tights. We adore it worn like this by a hottie with a pair of plain black stilettos.

2. Don a slouchy red sweater dress and suede thigh high boots when everything else fails during seasonal mental breakdowns. The look is adaptable with any hairstyle, adheres to the seasonal colour regulations, and offers you an instant glow.

3. We don’t really adhere to the “no white after Labor Day” rule; otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to attend all of our holiday parties in this totally stylish, snow-white ensemble. Be the cool girl at the party wearing white tennis shoes, an all-white outfit with a slit, and a turtleneck. Over the outfits, drape a trench coat in an androgynous style.

4. Regardless of the event you’re attending, this attire says supermodel on the side. Once more, the long-sleeved black shirt—a must-have winter essential—is worn with cute polka-dot tights, a leather miniskirt, and a faux-fur jacket. Beckham would be pleased, I’m sure.

5. This holiday party attire is out of the ordinary and very New York. Who says the go-to pant for frigid weather has to be anything but leather? Put together a modern-meets-eighties-vintage inspired ensemble with a boxy clutch and a metallic shirt to get some compliments.

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6. While it’s true that rompers are typically associated with summer, complete bodysuits are the most sophisticated and original item for Christmas parties that we are infatuated with. Consider this fitting woman with the upper body covered in sheer polka dots. It’s so striking that the model only needed a basic natural clutch and some pumps to finish the look.

7. Crushed velvet tends to make people gain weight since fabric lacks a slimming quality, but wearing it in a flowy dress with a slightly billowed waist is a wonderful method to counteract that tendency. We adore the way this model incorporated texture into her shoe choice and gave the cloth a more sleek appearance by pulling her hair back and wearing large hoops.

8. A pleated skirt and clunky heels are a tried-and-true dress for celebrations, but try a surprising top, such a one-shoulder top or a bustier, to lend a flash of surprise to the relatively conventional ensemble. It’s really photogenic and very 2020.

9. You can always add some punk to tulle skirts with a pair of combat boots or sneakers. They are such a dreamy and feminine winter favourite. Try a neutral tint like cream or white to let the fabric stand out, and match it with a burgundy top because the colour is a perennial favourite that comes back every year with the snowfall.

10. We previously featured a one-shoulder blouse that had us swooning, but the off-the-shoulder style is a sophisticated version that is so Audrey Hepburn. Your mom would be proud of you if you wore an off-the-shoulder shirt with a patterned miniskirt to channel a vintage, domestic goddess look.

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