10 Best Coffee Shops Around The World

You are addicted to caffeine whether you are a true coffee enthusiast who only drinks espressos or whether you simply enjoy a good cappuccino. It’s what pulls you out of bed in the morning and keeps you going all day. However, coffee culture is more than just coffee. Additionally, the coffee shops’ atmosphere and surrounding neighborhood are important. Coffee shops are more than simply places to get a cup of coffee; they’re also places to hang out with friends, do business, and occasionally even conduct meetings. You can get breakfast or lunch there while learning a new technique to make coffee, whether it’s a flat white, a pourover, or a chemex. It’s impossible to choose just one excellent coffee shop, so we come up with a list of what we believe to be the top two.

1. Paris’ La Fontaine de Belleville

La Fontaine de Belleville is your finest option if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all the best stuff in Paris. The greatest wine, the best food, the classic Parisian ambiance, the corner location, and of course, the best coffee are all found here. They really sell coffee beans to numerous other Parisian coffee shops since their coffee is so excellent.

2. Portland’s Heart Coffee Roasters

The greatest place in Portland, Oregon, for a long espresso is Heart Roasters. This is the place to go if you genuinely love coffee and want to try something different. They perform nothing short of wizardry with their coffee.

3. Budapest’s London Coffee Society

London Coffee Society is a tiny coffee shop in the center of Budapest that is the ideal place for a delicious cappuccino and a nice English breakfast. The ambiance is always welcoming, the service is excellent, and the cafe is quite cozy.

4. Florian, Venice, Italy

Not your normal hipster coffee establishment, Florian. Here, you won’t find tattooed baristas or minimalist décor. Instead, you’ll discover a really upscale business. This cafe first opened its doors in 1720 and is still operational today. Their décor is divided into themed rooms, their coffee is amazing, and when you have a cup of coffee here, you genuinely feel like a part of history.

5. Toronto’s Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

Don’t allow the fact that Balzac’s coffee is a franchise ruin your experience. It’s not necessarily bad just because it’s a franchise of coffee shops. We advise you to give it a try because each of their cafés is a wonderful little refuge for coffee enthusiasts.

6. Hong Kong’s The Coffee Academics

Unique is the amazing coffee store in Hong Kong. They not only offer delicious coffee, but they also never stop pushing the limits. They come up with new ways to make coffee each month. There is always a special on the menu that is motivated by a different nation, region, or culture, so there is always something fresh to experience.

7. Alexandria’s Grounds

Australia has established a reputation in the coffee world. They have a strong justification for their reputation for being snobbish about coffee. The coffee in Australia is unbelievably wonderful, and the coffee scene there is insane. So when we tell that this location is among the greatest available, you know that going there is essential.

8. Truth Coffee in Cape Town

In Cape Town, South Africa, there is a coffee roastery and cafe called Truth Coffee. Its décor features a steampunk theme, and it was crowned the finest coffee shop in the world in 2016. What is there to dislike?

9. London’s Grind

Grind is a fantastic venue for coffee, all-day meals, and nighttime cocktails. Given that Shoreditch is the hippest neighborhood in London, you presumably know what to anticipate. Everything will be fashionable, delectable, and the coffee will be flawless.

10. Oslo’s Fuglen

You must go here if you find yourself in the Norwegian capital. You may sample a variety of coffees at Fuglen, which transforms into a cocktail bar in the evening. Their antique decor will make you feel as though you’ve wandered into the Mad Men set, and here’s a nice twist: if you like it, you can buy their old furniture.


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