10 Best Food TV Shows To Watch Right Now

While binge-watching “Real Housewives” has its place and time, there are times when you just want to get back to the fundamentals and watch a good cooking show. The tastiest episodes are listed below for immediate streaming.

1. Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat

This program, which is hosted by Samin Nosrat, is beautiful and sweet and teaches us how to master these four aspects of cooking so that we can master the kitchen. This woman is well-informed because the cookbook on which it was based was named 2018 James Beard Cookbook of the Year, among many other honors.

2. Chef’s Table

Each episode of this Netflix original focuses on a well-known chef. This is the elitist binge watch you’ve been waiting for if you like the mystique surrounding fine meals than taco trucks. It also features the most visually breathtaking pictures of any program on this list.

3. prepared

In addition to renowned documentarian Alex Gibney, this is produced by everyone’s favorite gourmet, Michael Pollan. It has a tone. Just the right amount of snobbish, with an emphasis on home cooking and a unique manner of highlighting various cultural cuisine components. For instance, we discover the background of flame cooking foods in the fire episode.

4. The Great British Baking Show

Even though this binge-worthy show won’t keep you on the edge of your seat, it will make you long for sponge cake like nothing else. The dry humor and witty one-liners that make this the ideal show to fall asleep to will steal the hearts of baking enthusiasts.

5. The Chef’s Mind

This This PBS program was produced by Anthony Bourdain. In it, he seeks out cooks who are only fairly well-known and gives them a full season to take viewers on their own adventures. It highlights the creative process while fusing food and travel in the way that Bourdain usually manages to do.

6 Unknown Parts

And how could we conclude without mentioning one of the top TV programs created by one of our late and great gastronomic masterminds? Anthony Bourdain combines travel-related information, celebrity chefs, and food porn. Why wouldn’t you indulge when Netflix has eight wonderful seasons available?

7. Yummy Ugly

Our footways connect, melt, and travel in harmony thanks to this American Korean chef, introduced to us by the original foodie David Chang. The premise of the show is that everyone should stop being a snob and that authenticity is more about a melting pot of diversity than purity. Additionally, his culinary explorations really are sloppy Joe-style ugly-delicious.

8. Reckless

This is more of a gastronomic true crime story, showcasing the disgusting and corrupt features of our food supply system and exposing each food fraud with its crucial realities. It may not be the most charming food travel program to make you want to visit Bali.

9.  Zumbo’s Just Desserts

This Australian program, presented by pasty chef Adriano Zumbo, will be difficult for those with a sweet craving to resist binge-watching. Decadent treats and seductive Australian accents? With a full pantry on a Friday night, this event is risky.

10. Avec Eric

When watching Bourdain makes your heart hurt too much, his jovial French companion with many bracelets is here to make you smile. Although he lacks personality, this man knows his food, which makes it much more amusing to watch. He travels to the most remote and unpretentious parts of the cosmos.


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