10 Best Hailey Bieber Looks

There are several reasons why we adore Hailey Bieber’s sense of style. Hailey is more about low-key luxury with a sleek focus on easy aesthetics and comfort, in contrast to many celebs who appear as though they spent hours getting dolled up. This would be the reincarnation of a young Princess Di who liked streetwear.

Bieber is the queen of monochrome ensembles, sizing up on everything, and dressing up sweats. She opts for a stylishly pulled-back ponytail or a top bun held together by a scrunchie rather than a spectacular blow-out. Bieber embodies the everyday female while showing us how to dress to level up. Here are some of our favourite Hailey Bieber outfits to date; they’re so stylish and comfortable that you’ll want to copy them right away.

1. While it’s not too difficult to recreate this famous look, Hailey truly steals the show with the way she styled the pieces. The “Diana Tuck” is a jean tuck into a high slouchy boot, and we appreciate that it doesn’t require skin-tight jeans. Under a little slouchy leather jacket, a straightforward black tee and belt truly tie the outfit together.

2,Ah, you gorgeous queen of oversize coats and saggy pants. This outfit, which once again paired a slouched boot with some bunched-up jeans, will look great on both thin and stout gals. This time, the accent colour is a mint belt, and the turtleneck showing through the plush robe coat allows us to catch a glimpse of her slinky form.

3. Despite her proficiency with neutrals, we like seeing Mrs. Bieber in a flash of colour. Her legs are on display for days in this emerald green miniskirt and suit jacket, which are further enhanced by those thigh-high black boots. Every woman should have a pair of those in her wardrobe. We admire the chain accent that matches the buttons on the gold Bottega Veneta handbag.

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4. This appearance shouts luxury. This outfit is the perfect substitute if you want to go out in the cold and look stunning without having to squeeze yourself into an LBD (little black dress)! A belt, a long black trench, silky, large, soft pants, and a black turtleneck are worn together. One thing we can take away from this beauty is the requirement for several turtlenecks and numerous, numerous belts.

5. Her tone is unmistakably green, and she loves her midsection. She donned a casual grey top with a green pinstripe suit to the premiere of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series.” “Businesswoman, but not really,” is the attitude. I adore how those pants fit around my hips and how they engulf her shoes.

6. Hailey is a vision in neon. She looks stunning in her typically understated attire, but when she decides to growl, everyone can hear her. When folks spotted her wearing this vibrant yellow outfit by New York City designer Matthew Adams Dolan, it immediately sold out.

7. Hailey changed out of her regular baggy jeans and into a pair of snug, patent leather pants. Even superstars find it challenging to carry off this look. But this time, she was successful thanks to some casual vans, a blazer, and a straightforward black shirt.

8. Although it may be becoming a little chilly outside for this outfit, you can always add some thigh-high socks or tights. A longer, oversized black leather blazer is worn over an oversized tee dress. Both the lapels and her fashion choices—statement gold earrings and a small clutch—are flawless.

9. No matter the silhouette, camel-toned suits will never go out of style. Hailey layered a worn-out cropped t-shirt, a tonne of jewellery, and thick-soled sneakers in her outfit. Particularly with those geometric black spectacles, this outfit has a really 1980s meets 2000s vibe. Killer!

10. One of the simplest (and best-looking) Hailey outfits to try is this practically all-white combo. The casual outfit consists of grey sweatpants and white sneakers, and a very sharp, clean white blazer with black buttons hits mid-thigh and is worn open. She wears jewellery that contrasts silver and gold, and we are just a little bit fascinated.

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