10 Best Indian Street Drinks To Cool Off This Summer

India is the greatest destination to look for some unusual and flavorful cooling drinks because of its sweltering summer days. These chilly drinks are made with seasonal fruits and spices instead of the sugary beverages you typically find in bottles on the market, making them a healthier alternative. Since each Indian region has its own distinct flavors and methods for preparing the same fruits, Indian street beverages likewise have a rich history. The top ten Indian street beverages to stay cool this summer are listed below.

Mastani Mango

The classic mango shake was reinvented in Pune as the mango mastani. This mango shake, which bears the name Mastani after the stunning Bundelkhand princess, contains all the ingredients you could possibly desire: cherries, whipped cream, crunchy nuts, and chopped fruit. Yum!

Lemon Sherbet

This acidic, tingling beverage is extraordinary. This icy sherbet, made from the phalsa fruit’s tangy flavor, is ideal for hot summer days. Your thirst will be promptly sated by its crisp, sugar-free flavor!

Panna Aam

India is a mango-producing nation, especially in the sweltering summer months when hundreds of different mango varieties are readily accessible. However, this beverage is made with raw mango, which is very nutritious and revivingly sour. Spices and mint leaves are included to enhance the flavor.

Sherbet with chandan

You undoubtedly already know that sandalwood is a pricey, stylish substance with an amazing scent, but here’s a twist: it can also be made into a chilly beverage! Chandan sherbet is the ideal beverage during hot summer days because it looks that sandalwood has great cooling powers. This drink is unlike anything you’ve ever tried because it contains rose petals and kewra extract!

Jeera Jal

What about a traditional Indian-style lemonade? Your thirst will be gone after the first few sips of Jal Jeera, a beverage that is quite popular in north India and is deeply laced with black pepper, black salt, and roasted cumin.


On a sweltering summer day, nothing beats taking a drink of refreshing lassi. It is straightforward but really tasty! And will make you feel cooler right away. Although there are lassi outlets all around India, Punjab and Rajasthan have the best ones. There are several excellent lassi restaurants in Varanasi where you can enjoy a filling beverage made with fruits like bananas and pomegranates.


When the world outside is melting down from the heat, you need this crazy concoction of curd, green chilies, and yoghurt. It is thought that a cup of spicy buttermilk made with the aforementioned ingredients will help with digestion, hydrate the body, and bring down body temperature. So, it’s a necessity for summer!

Bel sorbet

Bel, commonly referred to as a wood apple because to its thick skin, is the ideal component to make a fruity summer beverage. Bel sherbet, which is made with jiggery and lime juice, is thought to have therapeutic powers. Actually, you can take it to treat stomach issues and diabetes.


The marvelously cooling piyush beverage, which is made from buttermilk, dried fruits, shrikhand, saffron, and nutmeg, is popular in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The drink’s name, “amrit,” means “drink of the gods,” and can be rendered as thus.


Another creamy treat that will quickly quench your thirst on sweltering summer days is Thandaai Thandaai. It contains saffron, fennel seeds, watermelon seeds, almonds, and a variety of other spices that, when properly blended, produce an unforgettable delicate mix.


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