10 Best Looks From Emily In Paris

The newest Netflix series, “Emily in Paris,” follows a woman who relocates to Paris in search of employment. The episode has generated a lot of passionate reactions from viewers, with some claiming that her ascent up the fashion business ladder was unrealistic. We do, however, know that the wardrobe game in this show was simply outstanding and will provide us with endless amounts of fashion inspiration. Here are some of our favourite and most memorable “Emily in Paris” fashion moments.

1. Ah, that instantly popular Emily look. In the upcoming months, we’ll surely see more people wearing the plaid suit and beret combination. It’s like if Clueless and high society in Paris had a child. The ultimate flash of colour in that red beret is worn with a monotone checkered suit and shorts. Tights underneath can be worn in cooler weather.

2. Do you recall Emily donning the infamous white dress by Pierre Cadault? Though she has a tiny frame, it actually makes sense that she would fit nicely into the outfit. While her attire gives us a White Swan vibe, her makeup gives us a Black Swan vibe. Strappy heels complete the ensemble.

3. Many of us fantasise about what we would wear if we had the opportunity to dress up and attend the Paris opera, and we’d say Emily effortlessly pulled off the look. She looked very stunning at the event in this semi-sheer, black zig-zag dress with an off-the-shoulder design. She resembled Audrey Hepburn perfectly. Additionally, the glitterati clutch and shoe detail is wonderful.

4. This ensemble is beautiful (and doable) perfection, unlike some of the “Emily in Paris” costumes that are much too crowded! Her silk overshirt, which features a vivid landscape scene, is just buttoned at the collar, leaving a plain white crop top and a green-grey snakeskin miniskirt to provide the outfit with balance.

5. “Legally Blond” and “Clueless” with a 1960s French twist! This monochrome style is extremely elegant but not for the timid. Her legs in this little skirt are highlighted with pink knee socks and a lovely pink satin shoe. Then, a slouchy coat and an argyle sweater up the cool factor. This type of modern meets old look always has us swooning.

6. This isn’t even a particularly well-known scene, but these two fashionistas managed to make it one with their unique looks. Emily’s pointed purple boots and tiny pink clutch, which are giving us major Twiggy vibes, contrast with Camille’s cowboy boots and black pocketbook. While Camille chooses a casual, oversized blazer and white denim shorts, Emily wears a more preppy cardigan to match her shoes. Although they are very different, both are intriguing!

7. While not everyone liked this look, we appreciate the idea of wearing a sheer lace top underneath another shirt. We adore this situation more so because of her fedora, though. Even though it earned her the nickname Bucket Hat by a certain celebrity in the show, Emily returned back the bucket hat and fedora with great assurance.

8. Emily may be the primary character in “Emily in Paris,” but Emily’s best friend and guy crush’s girlfriend is the program’s most underappreciated fashion icon. Consider this Chloe dress with its sheer, billowing sleeves and figure-hugging checker print, for example. The show frequently features billowing sleeves, which we can’t wait to try out.

9. Although yellow is a hue that many of us tend to avoid (especially those with pale complexion), Emily managed to pull it off by selecting a dress with a chaotic, asymmetrical print and a heavy black belt. We’d love to see this throughout the cooler months with black leather jacket and tights underneath.

10. None of us will ever forget this Alexandre Vauthier ensemble that Emily brought to life with her signature fragile ballerina vibe. Tulle is one of those materials that, when used in light colours, might appear too innocent or childlike; but, when used in black, it appears extremely edgy and like a fresh new take on the little black dress.

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