10 Best Makeup Artists You Should Be Following On IG

On Instagram, 2017 has been a huge year for makeup artists; everyone is showcasing their individual styles, and what we’ve been witnessing is pure artistry. While we are aware that practice makes perfect, we lack much faith in our ability to pull off the majority of these artists’ looks and instead wistfully observe them at work.

1. Tal really puts the artist in makeup artist; in this piece, the eyelid is transformed into a canvas, and the careful attention to detail is pretty amazing. And they can’t even perfect the smokey eye!

2. This chick has some notoriety to her name; she was Pat McGrath’s former assistant and has worked for publications such as Vanity Fair and W.

3. Ellarie is the only goddess to emulate for women who have a little more pigmentation. She is a proud mother and businesswoman, and we have never seen a look on her that didn’t slay. Also a life-giving artist who inspires us.

4. This Latina does fantastic contouring on herself and offers some important skincare advice to take care of your body under all that makeup. We obsess over her ombre eyeshadow looks, and her videos are consistently on spot and not overly frequently shared.

5. Nikki is well-known for her amazing abilities on YouTube, but her talent on Instagram is equally impressive. She enjoys glitter, and her appearance is like a perfect porcelain doll. Only time will tell if our abilities are even a small portion of it. Be sure to check her out because she frequently shares really adorable theme looks for special occasions like holidays

6. This girl went from MAC cosmetics to online tutorial photos and has millions of Instagram followers. She has really taken off! She frequently speaks on her industry at conferences and panels and has worked with companies like Urban Decay.

7. This Australian beauty is stunning even without makeup, so why shouldn’t she exhibit her talent to the world? She has such wonderful abilities. The beauty blogger has a website where she publishes insightful evaluations and enticing giveaways that will make you want to sign up immediately.

8. This account is dependable for our favorite cool-girl makeup looks. Her bold color combinations, such as lavender lipstick with a yellow and lavender eye, are editorial and reminiscent of Coco Rocha’s style. She typically wears a beanie or a dressed-down look to rock her looks.

9. This beauty expert is working on projects with major companies like Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her colorful cut creases and hair give whimsy to a sophisticated, very Californian appearance that seems friendly but seductive. Nicole, show us your techniques.

10. This former MAC employee likewise struck out on her own and became successful. You may follow the Canadian as she embarks on her nomad trips and she always posts the ideal lip and eyeshadow combinations.


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