10 Best Of Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly’s Couple Looks

Gun Machine These days, Kelly and Megan Fox are a significant power couple. They are the images of Barbie and Ken that we have in our minds. We adore their sense of style and their edgy flair, so we decided it was time to look at some of their best ensembles together. They don’t always match, preferring to enhance each other’s fashion sense. Megan has said that she makes an effort to emulate Colson’s style, which has a natural edge, in her own manner. The outcome is always noteworthy!

iHeartRadio Music Awards

This is the closest MGK and Megan get to Barbie and Ken. Megan and Colson (MGK) look amazing in the bubblegum pink co-ord by Mach & Mach, and Colson’s white and silver outfit complements it beautifully with well-chosen stripy socks and a pink heart on the lapel of his jacket.


Dinner with friends

Gotta love a couple that goes all out for a friend’s dinner outing (in this case with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker). To dinner, Megan donned a shimmering silver short dress by Dolce & Gabbana with a cutaway that revealed her abs. Colson donned an extremely sparkling purple dress from Valentino Haute Couture (now that’s what we call confidence).


Milan Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2022 Men’s Show

You wear D&G to a D&G performance. These two looked amazing as always in their edgy, glittering black outfits. Colson’s shoes were more sparkling than a disco ball, and his clothing was just stunning in a mysterious, dark, yet elegant sense. Megan chose an edgy pair of lace-up leggings and a beautiful lacy blouse.


Birthday of Megan

For Megan’s birthday, the couple wore complementary colours to the festivities. Fox dressed appropriately for the event in an Alex Perry pantsuit, a bra that was a perfect match, and shoes. Colson dressed up in a pair of grey pants, but he accessorised them with a turtleneck in blue and red and boots with red laces to match.


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Mated Pairs

They attempt to coordinate, even when they wear casual clothing. We actually think it’s cute that Megan and Colson did it on this particular occasion when they wore matching blue flannel while out and about.


Launch of UN/DN LAQR

They donned this to promote Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN nail polish line. Colson and Megan wore identical black clothing and silver accessories, whereas Colson wore shiny black. The chain connecting their pinky nails was the greatest part of it. They were joined with actual chains.


Awards for Billboard Music

These two are not bashful individuals; they enjoy flaunting their bodies. This picture of a couple demonstrates it. Colson displayed his tattoos by leaving the buttons on his shirt while donning a black Balmain suit. Fox wore a daring Mugler dress that had so many cutouts that she was always in danger of a nip slip. The fact that the clothing remained in place is truly miraculous. But hey, we enjoy it when people dress outrageously.

PVC Trenches

You might initially wonder how this clothing is coordinated. Megan is dressed in pink and blue, while Colson is sporting an all-black ensemble. But what really makes this case is the fact that they are both donning PVC coats, one shiny black and one pale pink. Their attire is in stark contrast to one another’s! They are skilled at what they do.

Video Music Awards on MTV

Did anyone else notice a Kim K influence in Megan Fox  MTV Video Music Awards attire? That is due to the fact that it was a Mugler dress as well, only this one was far more exposing. We enjoy the contrast between Megan’s bare-shouldered glittery dress and MGK’s completely buttoned all-red sparkly suit. It’s similar to demonstrating how to dress or undress to impress. Actually, we kind of wish they had done it the other way around.


How wholesome does this appear, for real? Even though Megan Fox is only wearing a little cardigan and has nothing else on underneath, the textures and colours are all muted and warm. One of their cutest and most innocent looks has to be this one.

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