10 Best Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Whether you have naturally small eyes, hungover, or just always battling on your morning commute to look completely awake, we have the treatments to make them brilliant again. Here are some crucial methods to revive those windows to your soul, making them stand out more, and giving your eyes life again.

1. Put cold tea bags over your eyelids – personally, we enjoy green and chamomile for their calming and renewing properties. Tannins are in tea, which tighten your skin and make you look more alert, i.e makes those babies look more youthful and bigger!

2. A bold liner on your top waterline, while applying liner. The upper waterline is the inner part of your upper eyelid – dry it, and line it with black liner – it makes your lashes look bigger, and eyes look vibrantly open and sexy, opening them up and accentuating your color.

3. Liquid or gel eyeliner are your friend — it’s all about the flick. The flick is those delicate, stretched out wisps that extend your eyes. Gel provides you more control over the flick than liquid does, as does the angled tip.

4. Use an eyelash curler, and keep it near to the eyelid. This will lengthen your lashes in the natural method if you don’t want to go the lengthening via mascara shortcut.

5. Go peach instead of white. People often think that white liner makes your eyes look bigger, but it can wash you out and offer the opposite effect, sometimes. Peach is a touch softer and will be less shocking than a pure white. It’s like a highlighter that provides you an instant lift via the inner rims of your eyes, disguising circles or tired-looking eyes.

6. Try to go with more neutral makeup tones that matches your skin tone rather than darker colours. A too-severe color can make your eyes look little and is basically accomplishing the same thing as dark circles do. Stay away!

7. The time that it is fine to apply white is when dabbing the inner corner of your eye – but semi sheer with a little bit of sparkle – it opens up your eyes from the inside, and makes them look fresh and dewy. Tired eyes, try this.

8. Apply some ice or Adhesive eye treatment pads – both are fantastic for waking up your under-eyes and giving your eyes some life again. Get rid of puffiness inflammation and other eye associated troubles with this.

9. Get your brows trimmed well, and pronounce the arch! We know, these don’t actually count as your eyes, but they frame them in a way that can draw the appropriate or wrong type of attention, based on your grooming practices. Also, make sure to brush them upwards to maintain your shape defined and your eyes looking as bold as possible.

10. Use a light concealer to cover up circles. The trick to this that leaves most ladies hanging in the eye enhancement department is that they don’t go a shade lighter than their foundation – this is crucial to brighten and lift, giving you that doe-eyed look.


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