10 Best Ways To Wear Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick is a bold look that is sure to draw attention in a crowd, but you need to know the appropriate tactics to pull it off. Use these pointers to rock these outfits with a deep, dark sophistication while avoiding the appearance that you are dressing up for Halloween.

1. Keep It Sheer

Opaque, dark lipstick can quickly become too harsh, so to avoid seeming terrifying, choose a semi-sheer or sheer shade that lets some of your natural lip color show through. It’s a tasteful way to introduce dark lipstick into your daily routine.

2. Increase Gloss

Gloss will help soften the overall appearance because matte and opaque lipsticks can both look a little harsh. in instead of going dark. You appear fashionable, and the sheen will make your lips look larger.

3. Leave the rest alone.

Make careful to keep the rest of your face reasonably naked if you decide to go full femme fatale vixen. If you add anything other than very basic, lightly drawn black liner, you will quickly transition from frightening-chic to just scary.

4. Experiment With Simple Cat Eye Styling

For a subtle burlesque-inspired style that Kat Von D would undoubtedly approve of, add a cat eye if going bare-faced with a dark lip seems too stark for you. It’s sophisticated and lovely, and it’s probably the only makeup that won’t make a black lip look overdone.

5. Use a brush in place of direct application.

Dark lip colors won’t apply messy with the help of a lip brush, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. Even if the color is not a liquid, a brush will aid maintain accuracy. A surefire approach to keep things tidy and have greater control is to fill the pout last and go from the outer corner to the center.

6. Even If You Ain’t A Liner Gal

No one wants to watch a horror movie where black lipstick bleeds. This is less of an issue with more subdued hues, but deeper hues definitely call for a liner. Use a colorless or complementary one; if you want to go lighter or darker, experiment with an ombre effect.

7. Be Sure To Keep Your Mouth Shut

It’s not a good idea to practice your fullest Kylie Jenner pout when you apply on your lipstick. Hold your lips firmly to fill in the lines; otherwise, whenever you smile, the empty spaces will show and your lips will appear patchwork or cracked.

8. Sprinkle On Some Bronzer

To give your lips a metallic sheen, apply a little bronzer, and give your face a warm, natural sheen. Otherwise, dark lipstick might rob your face of its color, making you resemble Marylin Manson. Maintain your goddess status with that sinister, dark lip.

9. Wear Alongside Full Brows

Who can resist a deep, wine-colored lip paired with thick, beautiful brows? Filling in the brows is a terrific method to achieve a strong appearance while complementing a bold lip without scaring children away with clown makeup and excessive color. Lily Collins-like. Irresistible.

10. Avoid Smokey Eyes

A black lip and smokey eyes are a one-way trip to drag queen realm. Why become Jessica Rabbit when you could seem incredibly sophisticated and enigmatic? It will appear over the top. Let them concentrate on your lips, and if you feel really naked, add a little black eyeliner.


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