10 Biggest Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

While it can be tempting to fill our wardrobes with only black and grey during the winter months, there are too many thrilling and stylish trends to try. The summer had its fair share of wild trends. Try to avoid using uninteresting appearances and instead make a statement with these stylish outfits.

1. Attractive clothing

Forget drab and uninteresting pantsuits. The Miranda look is a thing of the past; suits are now very Samantha, and we’re loving it. This season, say hello to underboob cuts, low hemlines, and daringly asymmetrical necklines.

2. Colorful tights

A splash of colour in the tights can be quite stylish as opposed to being seen as a failing and out-of-date Gossip Girl style. While Adam Selman bravely experimented with clashing colours, monochromatic is also a tried-and-true technique, as designers like Amilio de la Morena have demonstrated. We advise putting on dark tights first, then an olive green pair.

3. Holophane sheen

This gorgeous liquid effect, often known as “oil spill,” is a fresh twist on metallic that we’re in love with. Balmain and Antonio Berardi both used trench coats to create the effect, but the latter chose a ball skirt. The only tacky way to wear rainbow clothing is this.

4. Animal pattern in technicolour

Tan and black, two traditional colours for leopard print, have been used for generations. However, women have become more outspoken in 2018, and animal print is no exception! Bad 80s styles are recreated on the runway by designers like Tom Ford, Adam Selman, and Givenchy in technicolour looks like neon zebra.

5. Tweed

Tweed has a classic and timeless quality. By pairing an enormous tweed coat with a leather skirt, Marc Jacobs has experimented with textures and sizes. While Miu Miu chose a more traditional coat with male influences, Louis Vuitton joined the bandwagon of designers using tweed skirts.

6. Exquisite fringe

Fringe is no longer the domain of plain girls at Coachella. It has undergone a high fashion remix, as influenced by Christopher Cane and Gucci, and is now seen in elegant, beaded, and shimmering designs. Fringes can extend to the whole length of the body and hang over skirts like ties. Skirts are typically worn layered over boots.

7. Stylish Western

The reverse of everything Kardashian is the new Western style, which has come. Rather, western attire and prairie dresses are making a strong comeback. As models wore prairie dresses and cowboy boots, the country song “Jolene” played as Isabel Marant’s show got underway. Additionally, Fendi experimented with boots and neckties.

8. Hoods

Berets are so passé right now! The more comfortable alternative to elaborate hats will be hoods and balaclavas. Margiela adopted the style for high-end streetwear, while Valentino offered more feminine iterations such cloaks with hoods that are reminiscent of fairytales. Most of us will definitely try out this trend now that chilly days are arriving in many parts of the world!

9. High gloss

Other than the fascinating oil spill, there is another brand-new, sparkling trend. Both Christopher Kane and Fendi chose high shine with noisy coats, skirts, and pants. Patent leathers in black are matched with softer, less harsh colour schemes, like beige. Glossy puffer jackets and knee-high boots, both from Fendi, are at the top of our list of fashion items to try out.

10. Useful cargo vests

This pocket-filled appearance isn’t the most sophisticated and might not be suitable for everyone. However, it’s a really stylish unisex appearance with elements of streetwear or military fashion that will quickly become popular with all street style enthusiasts. You may wear this adaptable style with a chic maxi or layered over a long sleeve sweater and slim joggers in classic military green or black.

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