10 Breathtaking Galaxy Hair Colour Ideas To Try In 2020

Even if the trend of galaxy-colored hair has been around for more than a few years, we are still completely enamored with the concept of transforming our hair into gorgeous nebulas with pink, purple, red, and blue hues blended together. Yes, this trend is here to stay, so let’s take a trip to the stars for some ideas on galaxy hair colors. After all, 2020 is almost approaching, and what better way to mark the occasion than by giving your hair a galactic color?

Mystery in Blue

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking of galaxy hair colour is a combination of purple and blue tones. The key is to make the transitions as smooth as possible so that the entire cosmic effect seems natural.

Mars at dusk

You don’t need to travel very far into deep space to find inspiration for your galaxy’s hair color because the planets in our Solar System are also extremely cool! Imagine how the renowned Red Planet would have appeared at sunset if it had ever been covered in oceans like Earth. Outside the Box All shades of blue and navy can be found in the frigid, ice world of Blue Space. Everyone will be in awe of your new appearance if you dye your hair to resemble black space matter waves.

Arctic Lights

One of the most visually stunning things you may observe without traveling far into space is this very Earthly phenomena. With this calming aquatic color scheme, keep it close to home.

Universal Painting

This nebula’s vibrant hues like an actual oil painting that the universe itself produced. Long hair makes the pinks, purples, and vivid blues stand out.

Violet Haze

The starry purple hazy clouds with pink and burgundy undertones are timeless. The universal galaxy hair color trend is in right now!  Though Rainbow Galaxy Space may seem chilly and uninviting, the universe certainly knows how to have fun with color! You’re invited to join the starry rainbow galaxy celebration, which is taking place.

Space Blonde

Beautiful things happen in space when blondes travel there! Galaxy-colored hair strands contrast brilliantly with ivory-blonde hair.

Dairy Way

The beauty of our own cosmos is unfathomable! Use several shades of blue to transform your waves into a beautiful Milky Way-inspired effect.

A northern lights

It’s never too late to incorporate some neon greens into the usual palette of purples and blues for galaxies. It has a vibrant color scheme that appears new and creative.


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