10 Brilliant Ways To Eat Nutella For Breakfast

I enjoy savory dishes for breakfast. I’ll choose leftover pizza, some bacon and eggs, or a great sandwich over pancakes every day. However, add Nutella into the mix and I forget all about my passion for savory dishes. Having Nutella for breakfast is one of the few things that helps you have a fantastic, joyful day. Here are 10 beautiful ways to consume Nutella for breakfast that will never disappoint!

Nutella Stuffed French Toast

Nutella Stuffed French Toast is a terrific breakfast food for various reasons, the most notable of which is, obviously, that it has Nutella in it. Make a Nutella sandwich with your favorite bread, dip both sides of the sandwich in an egg-milk mixture and lightly brown on each side. Oh so good! It’s also quick and easy to create, mixes both savory and sweet flavors, and only takes four ingredients + love.

Nutella + Marshmallow Sandwiches

Imagine s’mores, but with bread, but far better. You might miss the campfire vibe as you’re preparing and eating them, but I’d be hard pushed to think of a better way to return into childhood for breakfast.

Nutella + Banana Milkshake

Forget Bulletproof Coffee and Kale smoothies, because the Nutella + Banana milkshake is here! It’s sweet, pleasant, and cool. It’s the perfect breakfast in and of itself, but it will also go wonderfully as the desert you enjoy after a nice savory morning meal.

Nutella Brownies

These take a bit longer to prepare, but the result is well worth it. Using Nutella when cooking brownies is a good technique to ensure that your brownies turn out with the correct consistency – solid, but slightly moist and chewy. The most important technique to preparing the perfect Nutella Brownies is to add just slightly more salt than you think is necessary, because salt will make the sweetness of Nutella stand out more.

Nutella Cookie Rolls

A cookie variation on the standard Nutella crepe. The wonderful part about this recipe is that it’s perfect for folks who seldom have time to eat breakfast at home. With this recipe, you can simply prepare yourself a batch of cookie rolls to take with you and munch at work or on your commute.

Nutella + Banana Rolls

Just like the rolls before, this is a cookie spin on the exquisite French breakfast meal (for folks who can’t appreciate croissants). Delicious, sweet, and portable cookie rolls that will make everyone who sees you eating them envy.

Nutella + Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Once again, one of the secrets to making Nutella taste even better (I know, I was also shocked that it’s possible), is to have something salty with it. Hence, this combination of peanut butter and Nutella is a definite method to take your banana bread to the next level!

Nutella Pop-tarts

Okay, controversial food take — I was never a fan of pop tarts. I’m a savory cuisine guy, and the sweetness of pop tarts is just too much for my palette. However, I’ve tried making these at home, and I have to say that they’re the absolute greatest. Like store-bought pop tarts, you can store these for longer than a couple of days and they’ll still taste tasty!

Nutella Stuffed Cookies

The fact that raisin cookies appear precisely the same as chocolate chip cookies is one of the Top 5 reasons I have trust difficulties as an adult. If you want to make sure your cookies are constantly, plainly, 100% for sure filled with chocolate – bake them using Nutella instead of chocolate chips! It’s delicious!

Nutella Popsicles

Like the Nutella + Banana milkshake, this breakfast meal is wonderful. The only thing that might be better than having ice cream for morning is having these Nutella popsicles for breakfast. Summer’s almost done, so if you’re intending on creating all the things on this list, I strongly urge that you start with this. I definitely saved the finest for last. Enjoy!


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