10 Chignon Hairstyles You’ll Freak Over

What Does a Chignon Mean?

A bun is similar to a chignon, but not quite. It is a bun of hair that is put on the back of a woman’s head, although it is located at the nape of the neck rather than being piled on top. This low updo is a stylish technique to make your regular bun more elegant. It is appropriate for a wedding, a formal dance, or a banquet.

How To Style Your Hair In A Chignon

There are numerous ways to tie this knot, and it can also be worn on the side for a more elegant appearance.

A simple chignon bun may be made in a few easy steps, but you’ll need a tail comb, four little bobby pins, and two large bobby pins.

Make a center part in your hair with the comb, then smooth it behind your ears and gather it at the nape of your neck.
Now begin coiling your hair counterclockwise by gently twisting it from the nape of your neck to the ends.
Using your index finger to hold the shape in place, continue to twist your hair into a bun shape.
To secure the bun, use a large bobby pin on each side. Carefully pull and loosen the edges to achieve the desired form. After that, use the smaller bobby pins to affix this shape all the way around the bun.
By inserting the tail comb’s end through the hair and lightly tugging outward, you may shape and volumize your hair.
To set the overall style, finish with a sheer finishing spray.

Here are several other trendy chignon buns that you can easily make using our step-by-step instructions.

1. Simple Knot Chignon

This style has a low side part and is tight and dramatic. Instead of using gel on dry hair, which can become crunchy, use conditioner. Create a side portion that meets your eye’s midpoint. Then, using a brush, smooth the sides and pull your hair back into a little ponytail. A 1/4-inch portion of hair should be left out before you secure it with an elastic band. Wrap the loose piece around the base of your ponytail after twisting the main piece into a figure-8 shape and securing it with a bobby pin.

2. Side-swept hairstyle

All this wavy hair needs is a curling iron to give it a modern, Hollywood vibe. Hair should be pulled into a side pony with bangs left out. To give the ponytail some curl, hold the curling iron vertically. Then, carefully tease hair to create volume and soften curls using a brush. After making a loose bun, wrap it around your hair elastic and pin the ends in place. As a finishing touch, hold your curling iron at a 45-degree angle and spiralize your bangs. Use your fingers to make waves out of them.

3. The Classic Chignon

This hairdo features a chignon that is tucked under and volume at the crown, giving it an old-fashioned appearance. Bobby pins and a good brush are the secret. First, use a boar bristle brush to tease the top layer of your hair (from the hairline to the crown). After that, use the brush to smooth the top layer and draw the hair into a ponytail so that it is at eye level. Finally, combine the two and tease the layer beneath by gathering the remaining hair into a second ponytail underneath the first. Your ponytail should be rolled onto the nape of your neck and secured with bobby pins and hairspray to retain volume.

4. A textured bun

This style blends a beautifully textured bun with a streamlined front and side appearance. Spray hairspray on the sides and front of the hair to give it a sleek finish as you pull the hair into a ponytail at the top of the head. Spray dry shampoo into your ponytail to add texture. Twist it into a bun, then fasten it with a bobby pin. Then, use your fingers to create the piece-y effect you want by finishing with one more spritz of dry shampoo.

5. Braided Headband

The first step is to trim your bang area out of the way and split it off from ear to ear. Now, create a loose, low pony with the remaining hair. Create a middle part by unclipping the front part. Once this is complete, twist the hair on either side of the part, then gather it into a single ponytail that sits atop the first ponytail. Combining the hair from the two ponytails, make a few braids, and then twist the braids into a bun. Braids can be secured with pins, expanded using fingers, and then pinned together to prevent gaps. Then, after removing a few tendrils, success.

6. Rumpled Wave Chignon

First, use a sea-salt or wave spray on moist hair. Then, tie each knot with a metal duckbill clip after randomly twisting a portion into a knot. After a few minutes, untangle your hair after having it blow-dried. Once you have waves, divide the bang area from the remainder and pull the rest of your hair back into a loose bun. Using bobby pins, fix. Now use your fingers to tease the bang portion at the root and blend it in with the rest of your hair.

7. The Dutch Braid Chignon

This unkempt bun is jazzed up with a substantial braid. Make a classic chignon bun, but leave a portion out so you can braid it thickly. Feed it into the bun or wrap it around the base, then wrap it over the side of your head. To achieve the desired level of messiness, pull on the braid and loosen your bun.

8. Bow Bun Chignon

To keep its shape, mist dry hair with spray gel or another sort of hold. Then, make a center part in your hair, twist it back into a loose, low bun, and fasten it with bobby pins. Add a bow on the top to complete it; it can be classy or silly. Due to the fact that we don’t always have enough time in the morning to devote to the perfect chignon, this is the simplest style on our roundup.

9. Swifty Swirl

This style, which was inspired by Taylor Swift’s 2012 AMAs ensemble, only requires a few simple steps to accomplish. Make two sections of hair, pin up the top section, and brush the bottom half back into a tight ponytail. Spray hairspray at the roots of the top portion of hair before teasing it toward the scalp to provide extra volume at the crown. The top section should then be brushed back so it just touches the ponytail. To achieve the swirl silhouette, roll all of the hair up and under, and secure with pins. include hairspray.

10. Fake Head of Hair

Before going to bed, mousse damp hair and let it air dry. Put on a small elastic headband in the morning. Twist the strands over the band’s back and tuck them in. The ideal, pin-free style that mimics a chignon with a few easy rolls!


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