10 Cold Drinks From Around The World To Try This Summer

It’s time to sample some of the best cold drinks our globe has to offer as the sweltering summer days approach. Yes, I’m referring to cold drinks from all over the world, including Mexico, Italy, Japan, and India. Each culture has an own set of preferred ingredients to make cool drinks, and who knows, maybe one of these concoctions will become your summertime favorite. Here are ten icy beverages from around the globe that you may sample right now.

Horchata (Mexico)

Mexico is known for its sweltering summers and fiery cuisine, so a traditional cooling drink ought to be completely unrelated. It is, too! Gentle, creamy, foamy, and wonderfully filling describe horchata. The key ingredients are vanilla, sugar, rice, cinnamon, and almonds, and it can be made with or without milk. Almond or cow milk can be combined with the other ingredients and blended. It has exquisite flavor!


Narrow More (India)

Dairy is frequently used to make chilled beverages in hot, humid regions like India. They provide the required relief from the sweltering heat that comes with summers because they are cold, salty, and spicy. The south of the nation, where it is hot all year round, is where ner more is most popular. Buttermilk, numerous savory spices, and a dash of salt are used to make it. The mixture may also contain asafoetida. This inexpensive beverage effectively quenches thirst and improves digestion.

Bandung (Malaysia)

Choose the traditional Malaysian bandung drink made with evaporated milk if you still think that sugary beverages would help you stay cool. Due to the rose water in it, it has a very nice flavor and appears cheery and bright in the glass. If you prefer your drinks to be completely natural, keep this in mind because it receives its pink color from natural food colouring. You just need ice, sugar, and you’re ready to go! Both the appearance and flavor are stylish.

Tea with Menthol (Italy)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Italians would drink latte even in the heat, though obviously with some minor modifications. The Italian summertime beverage latte a menta is one of the most popular due to its freshness, frothiness, and extreme ice. In essence, it is an iced coffee made with mint leaves that have just been finely ground. It is delicious and quite cooling!

Soda, a sour plum (Japan)

There are many ways to make cold summer soda, but I bet you’ve never tried combining it with tart plums. The sour plum, also known as umeboshi in Japanese and suanmeizi in Chinese, is the ideal component to make a sour-sweet beverage that will quench your thirst this summer. This drink, which is well-liked throughout Southeast Asian nations, mixes the savoriness of umeboshi with the sweetness of sugar and the cheery fizz of sparkling water. It’s one of those cocktails where you’ll either enjoy it or not.

Kvas (Ukraine) (Ukraine)

In Ukraine, kvas is the most popular beverage on hot summer days. No matter where you go, you may have a glass of this refreshing drink because it is sold all over the streets. As a fermented beverage, it can be challenging to produce at home, but you can still give it a shot. For the base of the beverage, you will need bread, water, and yeast. Honey will be added for sweetness and flavor. When it’s hot outside, you’ll have a bubbly, sour-tasting beverage that feels wonderfully energetic. It is regarded as non-alcoholic, but if the fermentation process is prolonged, it may turn a little boozy.


Sujeonggwa (Korea)

How about some punch made with dried persimmons? You’ll be astounded by how good this drink is. Yes, it exists. This drink, which is made with peppercorns, cinnamon, and a lot of ginger, is incredibly hot and fiery but surprisingly chilly. The entire mixture of dried persimmons and spices is boiled together and must cool down before serving, but the wait is unquestionably worthwhile.

Iced Thai Tea (Thailand)

One of the most popular cooling drinks in Southeast Asia is iced tea, and Thailand does it particularly well. It is sold by every street seller and is typically poured into a straightforward plastic bag for takeout. Due to the strong tea brew and the copious amount of condensed milk, it has a vivid orange color and tastes incredibly sweet. You’ll be drinking more liquid than you intended to when the ice gradually melts because there is a lot of it. It’s pleasantly cooling!

Lemonade (Egypt)

There is a reason why different flavors of lemonade (or limeade) may be found all across the world. It’s the coolest summer beverage ever! Lemons, sugar, and water combine to make the ideal drink that satisfies thirst and fills you up. Lemonade was first mentioned in texts from ancient Egypt that date around 1,500 BC. That old, really! Additionally, it is said to aid in digestion and treat diarrhea. Try some organic honey if you’re opposed to using sugar.

Ginger Hibiscus Punch (Jamaica)

Jamaica’s humid atmosphere necessitates more than simply a sweet, cold beverage to relieve thirst on hot summer days. In Jamaica, hibiscus is referred to as sorrel, and it is used with ginger and sugar to provide balance. Ginger provides it a spicy kick, hibiscus adds a tangy freshness, and sugar gives it the required sweetness. It’s also wonderfully beneficial because hibiscus maintains good liver function and normalizes blood pressure, while ginger root is believed to enhance immunity and aid with digestion.