10 Creepy But Gorgeous Pennywise The Clown Makeup Looks

Some of you may be thinking “hey, it’s too early to be thinking of Halloween makeup, Halloween is still ages away!” after reading the headline of this article, but we don’t agree. For those of us who love Halloween, the spooky holiday is quickly approaching. In fact, we begin preparing for Halloween as soon as the summer is over and pumpkin spice lattes start to appear on Starbucks’ menu. What to dress up as, how to look, and what kind of party to host. And after watching IT, there was no question in our minds that Pennywise would rule Halloween this year. The best Pennywise makeup looks we’ve seen on Instagram thus far are what we thought we’d share with you as inspiration because we’re looking forward to seeing all the different ways people interpret this look.

1. Mykie’s version is quite glam. Never before has glitter appeared so menacing.

2. Another glittery iteration of Megannemua’s Pennywise

3. Extremely creepy Look like Pennywise by Jordan Hanz. See how many teeth there are.

4. How frightening is this Allie Mollett story?

5. Voodoobarbiedoll’s interpretation of Pennywise the clown really frightened us.

6. Gina Scheiber rocked a look that is truly timeless. Look at that face paint that is cracked.

7. Laura Jenkinson offers some adorable Pennywise looks.

8. Supendousquinn’s eerie interpretation gave us nightmares.

9. I adore this mocking Pennywise pose on danipower.mua.

10. Jades.beautyig added the miniature boat as an extra. Praise for originality.


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