10 Fashion Designers Who Only Work For The Mega Rich

Despite being expensive, these designer clothes are unbelievably gorgeous.

1. Oscar De La Renta enjoys creating elegant attire for wealthy women. Oscar De La Renta dresses are frequently worn to red carpet events and Oscar parties; we’re not sure if this is a coincidence or if he did it on purpose.

2. Balmain was on the verge of going out of style, but their new designer was able to update everything and give it a fresh, contemporary vibe. Their designer attire resembles ultra-rich people’s fashionable armour in some ways. You can tell that Kim and Kanye adore Balmain.

3. Burberry is better known for their daywear than other mega-rich fashion houses. Every fashionista and celebrity still keeps a pair of their trench coats in their closet. Burberry plaid has become extremely popular in recent years. Emma Watson adores this company and has even appeared in advertising for them.

4. Gucci doesn’t really have any clothing items you can buy for under $5,000. This brand consistently produces intriguing and attractive clothing. They give you that cool edge that you see your favourite celebrities possess, so the price may be justified.

5. Chanel is a timeless brand. There is a reason why it is a well-known fashion label. Each and every woman aspires to own at least one item of clothing or jewellery from Chanel. You can never go wrong with this brand because their items are classic and match everything.

6. Tom Ford is pretty much the Pantheon of suits. There’s a reason so many male celebrities choose his suits for red carpet appearances, and chances are good that if you see a really nice suit in a movie or a TV show, it’s by Tom Ford. He used to work for Gucci, but these days he works for himself and succeeds greatly. Many wealthy men wear only his suits because of the distinctive nip at the waist that makes them look so good.

7. Hermes has come to represent status. It’s very difficult to find a wealthy person who doesn’t own at least a few Hermes wallets or bags. Even celebrities have been known to be on a waiting list to purchase a gorgeous Birkin bag, as they are currently a timeless classic.

8. Another classic fashion house that is well-liked by celebrities for the red carpet is Valentino. Their dresses are designed to accentuate the female form, and although a custom-made gown can be extremely expensive, everyone agrees that it is worthwhile. Since they prefer classic and traditional designs rather than following trends, they will never go out of style.

9. Marc Jacobs may have an odd reputation, but his creations are still expensive. Even though his line Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Mark Jacobs is the subject of many jokes, celebrities’ offspring still adore him for his cool and hipster fashion sense.

10. Living legend Prada. Her designs are always ultra-modern with a touch of vintage flair. She understands how to tread that fine line, which is why the rich and famous love her clothes and accessories so much. Although Prada is known as a no-bullshit fashion house, the price tags for their creations can be extremely high, but you are essentially paying for pure talent.

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