10 Foods That Contain Way More Sugar Than You Think

It is well known that sugar is unhealthy for you. I’m not referring to the natural sugars found in fruits and honey, which are minuscule in comparison to the amount of sugar found in items that appear to be sugar-free. There are goods that are packed with sugar that aren’t even sweet, so you don’t have to consume cookies and chocolate bars every day! Yes, even the store tomato soup has the recommended amount of sugar for the day. You need to be aware of a few tips if you wish to substantially reduce your sugar intake. Here are 10 foods with significantly more sugar than you might expect.


Companies like to hide the amount of sugar they use in their products, so they invent other names for it to trick the consumer. If you’re seeking for regular sugar, you’ll find sucrose, carob syrup, fructose, dextrose, and other things instead. To accurately determine how much sugar is in the goods you’re purchasing, you’ll need to raise your chemistry game. The obvious choice is soda, but a can of soda has 29 grams of sugar, which is more than your recommended daily allowance! Men can have up to 36 grams of sugar per day, compared to the 25 grams recommended for women.

flavorable yogurt

Despite claims to the contrary, flavored yogurt is rarely nutritious. Particularly those low-fat varieties, where companies add more sugar to make up for the taste’s absence, making flavor-infused yoghurt just as nutritious as a serving of ice cream. The amount of sugar in one 8-ounce serving of yoghurt can range up to 33 grams, so be sure to read the labels. Purchase plain yogurt and top with your own fresh fruit and honey for the best option.


Avocado Syrup

Although agave syrup is frequently marketed as a healthier alternative to sugar, this is not the case. It contains 85% fructose, which affects your liver and can have serious long-term effects. Fructose is more difficult for your body to digest than, say, sucrose, but in the end, neither one is superior. Cane sugar will still be slightly easier for your body to digest than agave.

Bars of oats

Due to the high sugar content of their chocolate or yoghurt coating, granola bars are no better than candies. Brown sugar, honey, corn syrup, and other harmful sweeteners may also be present. Granola may seem like a healthy snack, but a half cup contains about 10 grams of sugar. Your body will suffer a sweet catastrophe if you consume one more serving even though you already feel full.

Grilling Sauce

Even a modest amount of traditional barbecue sauce is a sugar bomb. A few tablespoons of BBQ sauce have more sugar in them than you anticipated. Two tablespoons of this sauce and two teaspoons of sugar can be eaten together. BBQ sauce contains up to 33% pure sugar! Consider your portion sizes and, if you can, try preparing your own sauces.

Italian sauce

Although all prepared sauces are high in sugar, spaghetti sauce doesn’t appear like it belongs on the list. It’s not really that sweet, after all! Actually, it has a lot of sugar in it; some of it naturally occurs in tomatoes, but the majority is added to improve flavor and preserve the product. You should make your own sugar-free sauce or check for low levels of sugar in the ingredients list because half a cup of pasta sauce can contain as much as 12 grams of sugar.

Canned Fruit

Although dried fruit seems like such a healthful treat, the truth is a little bit different. When purchasing dried fruit, keep an eye out for brands that include sugar in their products. However, the entire drying process concentrates the sugar in fruits, making a single dried fruit contain significantly more sugar than two or three fresh ones combined. Without even being aware of it, it’s simple to consume a lot of sugar!

Sports Drinks

Since exercise is good for you, sports drinks should be too, right? No, that’s most definitely not the case with sports drinks, which were made to provide sportsmen with an energy boost. They can have up to 40 grams of sugar each bottle, which is a staggering amount. It goes much beyond your daily dose! When exercising, stick to water; it’s the only liquid you actually need.

Aromatic Coffee

Do you actually know how much sugar is in your flavored coffee? I know this may not surprise you. There could be up to 50 grams of sugar in that enormous hazelnut latte or large cappuccino with vanilla syrup, and occasionally even more! That is around 11 teaspoons of sugar. Really, sticking to small and medium-sized quantities of plain old coffee is preferable.

tins of soup

Who would have believed that soup in a can could contain a lot of sugar? But if you don’t properly examine the ingredients, it might be a genuine sugar explosion. Aside from sucrose, maltose, barley malt, and others, keep an eye out for alternative names for sugar. The product definitely contains too much sugar if you find several of them listed with little amounts. Check the ingredient list to see where sugar is included.

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