10 Foolish Things To Say Or Not To Say When Texting Boys

The majority of our daily contacts now take place over SMS. Yes, we no longer even phone individuals very often. We simply text everybody. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of our flirting and dating is done by text. You don’t even expect a guy to call when you give him your phone number; you just know he’ll text. It lessens some of the pressure because you don’t have to respond right away; instead, you may take your time and craft the ideal response in writing. However, messaging boys can be challenging; you need to establish a balance. To assist you decide what to say and not to say when texting boys, we have put up a few recommendations.

1. When texting a new boy, you should never come across as needy. Avoid texting him “I miss you” and instead write “Wait till you see what I’m wearing” or “I can’t wait to take you home,” for example. He will be kept interested and aware of your thoughts for him if you do it in this manner.

2. Boys enjoy using their imaginations and reading erotic texts. But we girls are aware that we don’t act seductively all the time. Therefore, even if we don’t advise lying to your partner and saying you’re having a pillow fight with your pals while wearing nothing but lingerie, when in fact you’re eating pizza and watching a rom-com, we do advise against doing it. However, you may just reply, “I’m in bed,” and leave it at that.

3. Maintain self-control. Don’t reply right away when you receive the first text. If it’s someone you just met, pause a moment before answering with “who is this?” It doesn’t matter that you have their phone number saved and are eager to speak with them. Let them believe you are too busy and important to wait for their SMS; you have other things to do.

4. One-word responses irritate us all. Nothing is more irritating than sending someone a lengthy message and receiving a simply “yes” in response. We’re sorry, girl. But as it turns out, males have the same sentiments, so if he sends you a lengthy text, be sure to respond appropriately.

5. Although there is nothing wrong with using pet names—we all adore them—it is generally advisable to save them for much later in a relationship. Just call them by their names, and save the “honey” and “sweetie” for later.

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6. Avoid sending the guy back-to-back texts. Leave it if he hasn’t replied to your text. He’ll come up with an excuse to speak with you if he wants to. It shouldn’t take much effort to get him to talk; it should just happen.

7. Setting up a date via text is difficult. It’s not ideal for men to be really evasive and merely ask, “Wanna hang out tomorrow?” There is no mention of a location, a timeframe, or any indication of what that truly comprises. But do not fret. Simply say “yes” in response, then wait for them to take action and make clear what they have in mind.

8. Never send a text message as your first “I love you” message. Because it’s less frightening this way, it could seem like a wonderful plan, but in the long term, you’ll only regret it. Always save declarations of love for face-to-face interactions. Otherwise, it simply isn’t that unique.

9. Refrain from overusing LOLs and emoticons. Sure, it’s entirely fine to LOL at a joke he told or occasionally send him a wink emoji, but don’t overuse emojis in your conversations, despite how simple your iPhone makes it by recommending them.

10. Employ correct grammar. When texting, it’s simple to abbreviate sentences, but try to avoid using the absurd text talk. Before sending an SMS, read what you have written. Understand the distinction between “your” and “you’re.” Texting with someone who spells things right is much more enjoyable.