10 Fun And Interesting Ways To Eat Mangoes This Summer

It serves no purpose to contest the mango’s status as the true monarch of all fruits. As varied as the ways you can eat them, mangoes are. They can be converted into a smoothie, mango pickle, mango bread, or they can be eaten raw, sour, or sweet. Here are ten enjoyable and unique ways to enjoy mangoes this summer.

Iced mango tea

On a sweltering summer day, there isn’t much better than a mango iced tea. It’s light, energizing, and surprisingly simple to make. Simply let some finely diced mango simmer in a few glasses of water, let it cool, then blend with some black or green tea that has been brewed separately. As desired, add some sugar and ice cubes.

Chia Mango Pudding

Chia seeds are loaded with health advantages, so adding a mango to your fiber-rich, healthful lunch will up the yum factor considerably. You must combine milk and chia seeds for this sweet and savory recipe, and then refrigerate it overnight. Mangos should be sliced, and there you go! Your wholesome and light breakfast is ready.

Fruit shake

When it comes to relieving your thirst during the sweltering summer days in India, mango shake is a staple beverage. The traditional mango shake with a little milk and sugar takes around 5 minutes to create, but you’ll find it to be quite a versatile drink with many of add-ons that will make it taste genuinely exquisite.

Avocado with Mango Toast

The best snack in the entire world is made of mango and avocado, along with some cilantro and honey. It is delicious, scrumptious, light, and wonderfully healthful. One of those goodies that you just can’t put down!

Panna Aam

Aam panna is a deliciously refreshing beverage made from mint, raw mangoes that have been boiled, sugar, and salt. From the first sip, you’ll feel refreshed by its tanginess and freshness.

Mango Kheer

Mangos pair superbly with Mango Kheer Kheer, a sort of delicious milky rice pudding. To make this delight, you’ll need some cow’s milk, saffron, elaichi, and a few ripe mangos. You won’t quickly forget its incredibly smooth and creamy texture!

Fruit Jam

This dish is made with a few raw mangos, jaggery, and limes or lemons and is as easy to make as it is tasty. For a distinctive and interesting flavor, combine various mango varieties. Make careful to select ripe or too green mangoes that are in season.

Tropical Bruschetta

Since mangos are naturally sweet, it makes sense to combine them with something salty and crunchy for an extra flavor boost. In order to achieve the ideal harmony of peppery, sweet, and sour flavors, prepare it with basil and Romano cheese.

Coconut Chutney

From basic rotis to complex stews, tangy mango chutney is the ideal sauce. For a spicy effect, this recipe includes apples, sweet peppers, and ginger root. Mango chutney has a flavor that is both reviving and satiating.

Avocado Pickle

One of the most unconventional ways to eat mango is in pickles. Mango pickle is a delicious complement to any dinner, especially if you’re going for a little Indian flavor. It is made with raw mango, methi powder, chilli, mustard, and some oil. With white rice or an Indian thali, it pairs particularly well.


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