10 Gorgeous Hair Color Trends For 2022

With the pandemic stressing everyone out, a hair color switch-up is definitely the change you need. 2022 is all about the minimal maintenance and undone style – get those roots ready now, so that when everything gets back to normal, you can surprise your friends and family with your new, fantastic looks. Here are the hottest hair color trends for 2022.

1. Face Framing Streaks or “Money Piece”

This is a terrific look if you don’t want to commit to a full-headed dye job, or want to experiment with a bold and daring hue. It’s essentially a pop of highlights that start at the part line in the front. Consider a two-toned streak as Bella Hadid tried out with her reddish-orange streaks. 90s colors are making a comeback with this outfit! It’s stylish and low maintenance, and lets you to blend a new appearance more easily.

2. Brown Balayage

Are you a brunette but feel like your color is falling a touch flat recently? Consider brown balayage, which provides plenty of sun-kissed dimension but isn’t too extreme of a decision. Ask your colorist (or do your study) about varied colors of brown strategically placed throughout your strands.

3. Winterizing

What exactly is winterizing? It’s not a single color. Instead, it’s a subtle modification to your present colors with an extra touch of va-va-voom. We’re talking a richer, warmer and more dimensional version of your 2020 appearance. This can involve ribbons of darker blond or brain colors, or adding a gloss to make color look richer. For both blondes and brunettes, gold and amber tones are wonderful to play with.

4. Almond edges

Perfect for bringing in warm weather, gentle nut tones with a pleasant essence are going to be all over the place throughout spring and summer this year. From cashews to walnuts and almonds, these moderate tones can be blended into brown and blond hair, turning harsh and deep colours into softer, more gentle tones.

5. Black diamond

This take on jet black is suitable for a wide variety of complexion tones. It’s a power move that’s glamorous and displays a charismatic sense of authority. It makes strands look shiny and healthy — on dark complexion it improves rich tones, while on pale skin, it provides an elegant Snow White impression. The trick is getting your shade of black as inky and glossy as possible.

6. All tones of crimson

Every shade of red is popular right now, so whatever your hair texture or complexion is, there’s a lovely shade waiting for you. From opaque, deep crimsons and fiery coppers to strawberry blond reds, it’s just necessary that you maintain brightness. For a moodier tint, choose a rich burgundy or violet-tinged wine shade.

7. Blond balayage

This look is particularly striking on curls and don’t provide that intense striped effect. Even when they’re off the root, a blond balayage delivers natural appearing color and grows out with ease, if for some reason you can’t make that appointment to the salon. This is an excellent decision if you’re yearning to go blond but don’t want to fully dive in.

8. Shadow Roots

This is the best look if you’re looking to stretch out your salon appointment. Keep roots black and merge them into lighter ends – it’s 2022’s post-pandemic version of an ombré, and is both cheaper and more low maintenance than a true ombré. Instead, a darkened root smoothly mixes your hair’s brightest ends with its darkest bases.

9. Smoky Ice

This look is a step above ash blond, and you can interpret this icy gray color in whatever shade you like. It’s a terrific method to disguise existing grays without the care of darker colors, and it looks surprisingly elegant on all hair tones. Search for your inner ice queen with smokey and icy silver tones that are timelessly cool. Although it’s flexible for anyone, colder skin tones do better with this dye job. For warmer tones, try an icier beige variation on the design.

10. Cinnamon spice

If you’re not ready to delve fully into red hair but are weary of your one-dimensional brown strands, cinnamon is a terrific way to spice up your locks – pun intended. Ideal for individuals attracted by red undertones, but who don’t want to overcommit. Cinnamon balayage can create a mild and delicate crimson accent that warms up any appearance. This hue is especially lovely on natural, textured hair.


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