10 Habits Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Nails

Our manicures have not fared well in quarantine. Some people favor neat, bare nails because they go well with most appearances. However, a lot of regulars at the salon were caught without manis and nail care. Your nails may currently appear brittle, dry, flaky, or yellowed. Don’t panic; we’re here to help you learn how to strengthen your nails so they once again feel and look healthy.

1. Biting of nails

This is a bad habit that many individuals have, and it frequently occurs while you’re under stress or anxiety. This can lead to open sores on the fingers and uneven, stubby nails, as well as the transmission of microorganisms from your hands to your mouth. You could become ill from either of these things. Our remedy? Enamel them. If you paint your nails, you’ll be less likely to bite down and damage your manicure. The taste of that clear nail polish will definitely discourage you if you want to put a color.

2. Too much cuticle trimming

It’s a typical practice in many manicures to trim your cuticles. Cuticle oil, which softens skin and facilitates the pushing process, is an alternative to using a cuticle cutter to push cuticles down. Our cuticles are our friends, not enemies, so utilizing a cuticle remover is healthier for fragile nails!

3. Having too many acrylic or gel manicures

They look fantastic, last longer, and are durable for people who work with their hands. However, you must polish these materials to make them stick, which frequently thins off the nail to a dangerous level. Additionally, you have to essentially wash them in acetone to remove them, which leaves your nails looking like bare wood.

4. Using poisonous polish

You must expressly ask for organic polish these days because the ingredients can be frightening. Formaldehyde, which embalms dead people, is listed among the ingredients on the back of your typical bottle. Always search for polishes that are 3/4/5 free if you can (lacking certain chemicals).

5. Polish removal

You should only ever remove nail polish with nail polish remover, according to this rule. While it may be tempting for many of us to take off our nail polish, doing so actually destroys the top layer. This may result in thin, fragile nails. If you can’t help but want to take your manicure off, think about investing in portable polish remover wipes.

6. A bad diet

There you have it—the explanation for why you consume a lot of junk food and have weak nails. Nails are nourished by blood flow, so if you eat well, your skin, hair, and nails will all be healthy-looking. No matter how many manicures you get, eating a lot of sugar (we’re looking at you, Coke and strawberry daiquiris) will never make your nails strong. Instead, drink plenty of water, eat a lot of leafy greens, and take a biotin pill.

7. Using nails instead of fingers as instruments

The delicate nature of nails makes them unsuitable for heavy lifting. However, some individuals believe that using their nails rather than their fingers is acceptable while pulling up zippers or opening beverage tabs. Utilize your fingers because nails are easily breakable and bendable. With a very lengthy manicure, it could be challenging to achieve this position, but you can begin practicing right away!

8. Using dishwashing without gloves

When your nails are overexposed to water, they expand, which causes your nail polish to chip more quickly. Additionally, it weakens nails since the extremely delicate nail cells are constantly growing and shrinking. Consider using jojoba oil on your nails after a shower. And always use gloves when doing the dishes.

9. Removing burs from nails

Instead of sweeping the file across the nail in two directions, file nails in one direction. The nails are divided by this sawing behavior, which makes them shatter more easily. Instead, form the nail by moving the file over the tip in a single direction. As you file, keep the fail flat on the nail’s tip.

10. Insufficient hand hydration

Nails that are dry and cracked are caused by dry hands. Carry hand cream with you to address this, and you’ll notice that your manicures last longer and stay glossier. Long-term, this will build a barrier of defense that keeps out irritants and dryness.


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