10 Hair Color Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019

A new year is a wonderful opportunity to start over with a fresh outlook. Using a striking, novel hair color is one of the most well-liked approaches to achieve this. Many women are already visiting salons left and right to update their outdated hairstyles now that 2019 is well underway. It’s the perfect time of year to experiment with a gorgeous new hair color, whether it’s in the summer, winter, spring, or fall. Because 2019 is rumored to be the year of the strong statement for hair color trends, resist the impulse to attempt a gorgeously unusual colour this year. Therefore, have a look at 15 hair trends that are sure to be huge this year before you go to your preferred hairstylist.

Golden Elements

Darker hair with bright gold accents frames the face well and draws attention to your best features.

Frosted Brown

Frosted Brown Brunette with ash gray fringe is a stunning ice look that is certain to get attention this year.

Burnt Blonde

Warm blonde with a tinge of silver or gray is a multidimensional, fashionable hue to try.

Blue Black

Even the traditional black is reportedly popular this year, with waves and curls adding dimension and gloss to the plain color.

Elegant brunette

This is the ideal approach to softly, subtly, and with fine highlights at the mid-length and points, draw attention to naturally brunette hair.

Honey Sweet

Warm, golden tones with a honey-buttery shimmer are the key to this lovely blonde colour.

Old Pastel

Fade pastels, from light blue hues to washed-out pinks, are another color that is expected to be very popular this year.

Bronde, Ash

The 2019 hair color trend is bronde, a blend of blonde and brown with a hint of ash.

Real Coral

This peachy-pink shade is an excellent way to brighten the entire face and looks fantastic with brown or blonde hair.

Unclean Brunette

This color is excellent for bringing light to the skin since it strikes the ideal cool-warm balance. Tighter curls and loose waves look beautiful on a dirty brunette.


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