10 Incredible Beauty Tips We Can Learn From Indian Women

Indian women are aware of the magic of beauty, and they also know many beauty secrets that you might not. The nice thing about this is that many of their routines for beauty are based on natural components and don’t cost hundreds of dollars. Try these 10 steps if you want beautiful lustrous hair and bright skin.

1. Natural Ways to Fix Tan

There is a simple solution if you overexposed yourself to the sun, developed some unfavorable tan lines, or simply don’t like the way you appear when you’re tanned and would rather not be. Simply squeeze one lemon and combine the juice with a spoonful of honey. As a face mask, apply this mixture to your skin. After 10 minutes, rinse it off. While honey will keep your skin hydrated, lemon’s natural bleaching powers will help to fade part of the tan.

2. Stop Hair Thickening

Yes, you can use a variety of shampoos, treatments, and supplements to aid with hair thinning. But one of the easiest things you can do for your hair is to occasionally switch up the part. You know, after years of maintaining the same part, your hair tends to lose volume and lay quite flat. Your hair may begin to thin at the parting because it is consistently separated in the same way and the same hairs are always the first to be brushed and exposed to the sun. Alternately, you can avoid that by changing your parting.

3. Use Lemons To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Try this time-tested remedy if you struggle with dandruff. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with some coconut oil. Take your time and give yourself a thorough head massage after massaging this mixture into the roots of your hair. After leaving it on for about an hour, wash it off. You’ll no longer have dandruff.

4. Use gram flour to get rid of unwanted hair.

Gram flour is one of the best tools Indian women have for removing unwanted hair. Simply combine some of it with water to make a paste, apply it to any area of your body that has unwanted hair, including your face, and wait for it to dry. Simply massage it off after that in circular strokes. If you do this twice a week for a few months, the result might even last. Don’t you think that’s far less expensive than waxing or laser hair removal?

5. Henna To Boost Color

Consider using henna to give your hair a little boost rather of harming it with artificial coloring. Using red henna will give your black hair a slight red tint in the sun if you have dark hair. To cover up your gray hair, apply dark henna. Furthermore, because it’s natural, it won’t harm your hair and will even help it look shinier and healthier.

6. Coconut Oil Is Useful

It truly is a miracle item. Use it to hydrate and soften the skin on your feet, knees, and elbows. It’s a fantastic natural hair mask that will give your hair a much shinier, silkier appearance. Additionally, coconut oil is a fantastic makeup remover. Simply apply it on everything!

7. Multani Mitti For Gorgeous Skin

The most effective approach to constrict pores, dry out zits, clean your face, and make your skin smooth is with Multani Mitti, commonly known as Fuller’s Earth. It works well for both regular and oily skin. However, if your skin tends to be dry, you might want to avoid it.

8. Use Neem to Treat Acne

Neem might be a great asset if you struggle with acne. It is entirely safe to make a paste out of the leaves and apply it as a facemask every day as an excellent substitute for chemical treatments. It has a strong antibacterial action and is very helpful for skin inflammations. Neem oil is an alternative that you can use as a spot treatment.

9. Use Turmeric to Lighten Dark Spots

Did you know that although turmeric is a common ingredient in Indian food, it also has uses outside the kitchen? Yes, turmeric can help you brighten dark spots, and it also works wonders on dark underarms. Apply it to the desired region, let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse it off.

10. Tea for hair.

Tea is more than just a great beverage. You can apply it on your hair as well. Use a green tea rinse in the shower if you are blonde and wish to brighten your hair. Try hibiscus tea if you have red hair. Dark hair will appear more bright if you drink rosemary tea. Additionally, use sage tea to conceal your grays and darken them.


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