10 Insane Culinary Creations

A quick lesson in human dietary history is provided by Her Beauty. Our prehistoric ancestors dined on delectable raw tree leaves and wild antelope or something similar for thousands of years. Please pardon us for not being anthropology experts. Anyway, fast forward to the modern era, and you’ll notice that our cuisine has become so inventive it’s almost frightening. One could argue that restaurant chefs are really starting to get carried away based on some of the culinary creations that have gone viral. In light of this, here are 10 bizarre food inventions that demonstrate how hard restaurants are trying to impress us.

1. One Piece of Candied Bacon Hung from a Clothesline

David Burke Fabrick, a New York City restaurant located in the Archer Hotel, had you covered if you had ever fantasized about having your dinner served to you in the same way that laundry is dried. Yes, in the past. Last year, the restaurant closed. I apologize for that.

2. Servings of communal spaghetti on a table

In Madison, Wisconsin, spaghetti is served at Bunky’s Cafe without plates. Instead, it is poured onto a plastic tablecloth large enough to accommodate four people. Undoubtedly a true communal experience, but wouldn’t the spaghetti quickly become cold if there wasn’t a warm plate available?

3. Serving onion soup in an onion

The Range Steakhouse in Laughlin, Nevada has strangely prepared soup if that’s what you’re after. Actually, “onion soup served in itself” might not be such a bad idea. But simply avoid eating the peel.

4. Smokey dessert

Philadelphia apparently has a restaurant that serves dessert in the shape of a cigarette, complete with an ashtray. Of course, the chef was so focused on whether or not he could make a dessert with cigarettes that he never took the time to consider whether or not he should.

5. Coffee and Croissants That Look Weird

Coffee is being served with croissants covered in a purple goo at a coffee shop in Costa Mesa, California. It’s challenging to make croissants appear unappealing, but these guys certainly succeeded!

6. Potatoes and steak served in a glass with ice cream

This concept was developed by a restaurant in Stockholm, and it’s not even their wackiest. Tacos are also offered in shoes.

7. Meals Delivered Under an Umbrella

In Bristol, England, Her Majesty’s Secret Service has come up with a variety of unsettling ways to serve food. Customers are choosing to eat their meal from an umbrella in this instance. If you like that sort of thing, they will also serve food to you on sandals.

8. Barbie wearing a meat dress.

Barbie dolls dressed in meat are now being served at the UK-based Hot Pot restaurant chain. Yes… no.

9. A fictitious rat skull covered in meat slices

Although it’s probably for the best, we were unable to determine which restaurant is to blame.

10. Inventive Milkshakes

One of the world’s greatest inventions is the milkshake. But unlike traditional milkshakes, which gained popularity because of their flavor, these milkshakes are famous worldwide because of their outrageous appearance. No, thank you.


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