10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Healthy Eating Inspiration

We tend to only see the seemingly impossible physique and lifestyles when we go through Instagram, which makes us wonder why we don’t concentrate on our own way of life and health. Fill yourself with healthy, delicious foods and learn how to cook instead of comparing yourself to others!

1. Green Kitchen Stories

The majority of the food on this blog is vegetarian, and each photograph makes the meal appear delectable. We can’t decide between their peanut butter & jam dark chocolate cups and the saffron-banana pancakes, with a ton of savory pleasure in between.

2. Fairly healthy

This Instagram post from @bonappetitmag focuses on giving us a positive external feeling without losing flavor. They can demonstrate everything, including how to prepare a raw salad with crisp carrots, soft roasted dates, and citrus dressing to perfection.

3. Love&Lemons

The photographs don’t lie when this blogger says she makes vegetables taste wonderful. Like her most recent baked cauliflower cheesy party dip, which is prettier than any nacho cheese we’ve ever seen, her recipes are ideal for holiday or social parties.

4. Cultivate With Kruti

Practice Mindfulness Like a Yogi Kruti’s holistic lifestyle is all about practicing mindfulness. We are in awe of her delicious dishes, which include vegan cream cheese and beet powder over toast with salted hard boiled eggs, lemon, arugula, and basil, but we are unsure how far our yogi abilities will take us.

5. Maintain Your Glow

Buddha bowls are anything but dull, as Sua Park’s feed will demonstrate. She tops avocado, roasted broccoli, and sweet potatoes in her bowl with ginger miso tahini. Feeling more like a Mexican? Try the chili made with lentils, sweet potatoes, beans, and vegetables.

6. Nourished by Kale

Don’t worry; there are more than 100 methods to prepare kale on this page. The dishes are colorful, delectable, and wholesome creations like peaches & burrata toast with avocado honey or grilled cod tacos. Who wouldn’t desire food that reminds them of crisp summer days?

7. Sprouted Kitchen

The brains behind @sproutedkitchen, which creates vegan meals in a not-gross style, are Sara Forte. This is a goal that all of us will always be on. We enjoy this non-mushy, flavor-exploding vegetable burger, which is made of a patty made of squash and black beans and a pesto made of pistachios and cilantro.

8. Consuming bird feed

These dishes are considerably heartier than what a bird would eat, and they encourage us to choose real foods over processed ones every time. Three variations of grain-free tabbouleh and a non-mushy vegetarian meatloaf recipe with a delicious maple glaze are two examples of creative dinners.

9. Baker Minimalist

It’s your new plant-based trick for fooling your kids into believing their vegetables are dessert so they’ll eat them. Eat desserts for breakfast together with their vegan gluten-free apple cider doughnuts, gluten-free cinnamon buns, and chocolate chia seed pudding.

10. Hemsley Hemsley

What could be better than making healthful food from scratch? Obviously doing it with your sister or best friend. Jasmine and Melissa, sisters, create opulent comfort foods and spreads that are good for you using their account.


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