10 Items In A Man’s Wardrobe That Drive Women Crazy

There are countless articles and blog posts on the internet that discuss what women should and shouldn’t do or wear. Either men are opining about women or the media is imposing its viewpoints on us. Although it is obviously absurd, hey, if you can’t beat them, join them. We’ve made the crazy decision to write about the top 10 items in a man’s wardrobe that make women crazy.

1. T-shirts with jokes, slogans, or sayings on them are offensive. You should probably refrain from using your chest as a billboard unless you are 12 years old or a professional athlete wearing a sponsored jersey. It appears obnoxious, superfluous, and foolish. Additionally, nothing on those shirts is ever actually funny, so stick to plain t-shirts or, if necessary, choose patterns over words.

2. A poorly tailored suit won’t transform you into James Bond. Instead, you’ll appear to be donning your father’s suit. Baggy suits don’t help you impress the ladies because they look cheap and careless. In fact, it’ll probably cause women to turn around and flee. However, a well-fitted suit will unquestionably make you appear sexy and suave.

3. Vests worn over t-shirts ought to be prohibited. (However, if you wear it with a dress shirt, that’s an entirely different matter.) Contrary to popular belief, wearing a vest over a t-shirt does not elevate your appearance or make you appear more fashionable or sophisticated. You simply come off as a fool when you do it. Who thought of this awful combination? Is it the same person who chose to call the trilby hat a fedora while popularizing it? Which leads me to my following point.

4. Trilby toppers. No, you “nice guys” with neckbeards are not wearing a fedora; rather, the monstrosity you slapped on your head is probably a trilby. In addition to making you appear foolish, the fact that you keep referring to it as a fedora is evidence of this.

5. A huge pile of super deep V-necks ought to be burned near the intersection. What makes these deep V-necks so appealing? What are you attempting to flaunt? Your manly chest hair? Nobody desires to see that. You tortured yourself for the wrong reason, mate, if you actually waxed to wear that repulsive shirt.

6. Although wearing short shorts is a great way to display your long, beautiful legs, let’s be honest: they look ridiculous and are inappropriate for men. Men’s shorts should either be just above the knee or just below the knee. If you go any shorter than that, you better be absolutely stunning and on the beach.

7. Flip flops are only appropriate for the beach and are inappropriate everywhere else. They are not appropriate for wearing merely for a stroll down the street, brunch, or work. Swim trunks are only appropriate for wearing at the beach, right? No one wants to see your man feet, regardless of how hot it may be outside, so put on some appropriate footwear and deal with it.

8. Big belt buckles and plates look tacky and impolite. What precisely are you attempting to highlight? The only purpose of a belt is to keep your pants up and possibly serve as a discreet accessory. The operative word here is subtle. So keep that in mind the next time you want to purchase a belt with a large buckle.

9. A man never looks good wearing a lot of jewelry. Multiple necklaces, bracelets, and rings are indications of poor taste. What do you believe to be? a piracy? You shouldn’t even attempt to wear that outrageous jewelry; even Johnny Depp can no longer pull it off. Buy a nice watch, then call it a day.

10. Men shouldn’t wear ultra-slim jeans. Simply put, it doesn’t appear right. Although wearing well-fitted jeans that display your butt is acceptable, you should never wear skin-tight jeans. The outline of your trash doesn’t need to be visible. Additionally, even though ballet dancers have ideal bodies, they still look ridiculous in those leggings. What would motivate you to subject yourself to that?

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