10 Kid Fashionistas To Follow On Instagram

Too many parents don’t bother looking for fashionable clothing for their young children since they don’t understand the benefit. The typical argument they use is that “they’ll grow out of it so quickly.” Both “kids don’t care about what they’re wearing” and “they’ll damage it within minutes” are common defences made by parents to justify not truly caring about how their children are dressed.

We are aware of how much work children are. At the end of the day, you hardly have time to clothe yourself, much less choose an adorable clothing for a child because you have to feed, wash, amuse, educate, and care for them in so many ways. But don’t you think kids just seem so much nicer when they’re dressed nicely? And by properly dressed, we don’t just mean donning them in a rainbow of patterns and drawings-adorned children’s clothing. We suggest clothing children thoughtfully, as you would hope to dress a fashionable adult. Something about their bodies’ little size makes them appear even adorable when they are dressed stylishly.

So now we’re going to look at 10 fashionista kids on Instagram who you should unquestionably follow. They may simply provide you with something adorable to look at, or they may give you the idea to dress up your child nicely—at the very least on the weekends or for important occasions.

1.London Scout

This young girl will quickly win your heart. She is young (4 years old), attractive, fashionable, and signed with Generation Model Management as a child model. You better believe that this little 4-year-old is way more fashionable than you because her mom, Sai De Silva, manages the Instagram account scoutfashion for her (and occasionally appears in images with her).

2. Kaan

Turkish 5-year-old Kaan is from. He is a typical preschooler who enjoys playing and who, based on his Instagram account, also adores pizza. Additionally, he has a very distinct sense of style, favouring loose-fitting casual attire while maintaining a fierce sense of fashion.

3. Glitter

This cute young child, who is just 3, is already a digital influencer and a style icon. She is incredibly fashionable and can rock any outfit. She seems to be able to work like magic in any clothing you put her in. Summer is her real name, but Sparkle is how her supporters refer to her. What an appropriate moniker for a star so dazzling, don’t you think?


Irish girl named Birdie is a little child. She is one of five siblings and has a fantastic sense of fashion. Or maybe it’s her mum. In either case, she mainly wears monochromatic clothing, which is incredibly cool and distinctive. You might even still feel envious of her outfits as an adult.


Prince is a highly fashionable youngster who seems to adore headgear. He looks equally cute in overalls, a comfy hoodie, or a Batman jacket, but his style might vary from day to day. He always accessorizes with a hat. Prince’s mother, Keira, manages his Instagram account, and we think she does a fantastic job.

6.Zooey Miyoshi

Cute youngster named Zooey lives halfway between Los Angeles and Tokyo. Despite only being 4 years old, she has already attended numerous fashion shows thanks to her fashion-loving parents. The majority of Zooey’s time is spent as a big sister and a model for Bensimon Models. Her style can only be summed up as a cross between a charming fashion blogger and a rock star.

7.Stella and Blaise

We’re not even surprised Stella and Blaise are models because they are so incredibly adorable. They genuinely collaborate with the Osbrink Agency and schedule photo shoots and performances nonstop. Anyone would want to work with such adorable people. Additionally, their sense of style is just a plus.

8. Emi

Hemingway Page is a cute young lady with pastel pink hair who will certainly inspire you to go do something fun with your own hair. Although she is still quite new to Instagram and just has a little over 3K followers, we are confident that she will soon go viral on the platform. Just observe how stylish she is. This young fashionista is destined for greatness.


You should have have a sense of Avalon’s immaculate taste given that her mother, Carissa Jones, is an event and flower designer. While not exclusively a kid’s fashion Instagram, Avalon nevertheless looks hella trendy in many of the photographs on the account. Therefore, you should follow her account if you enjoy flowers, trendy children, and events with gorgeous design.


On her mother’s Instagram, Stella is highly active. Stella’s mother, Lindsey Belle, is a New York-based photographer, so it goes without saying that she takes a lot of pictures, some of which turn out to be fantastic shots of Stella. Stella has a very intriguing and distinctive style, much like a native New Yorker would, and we have no doubts that when she gets older, she’ll become a very stylish person.

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