10 Lipstick Colours For Indian Skin Tone

The right lipstick color will complete your style, but the wrong shade for your skin tone will draw unwelcome attention right away. If you know your undertone, makeup professionals promise you can pull off any lip color you want. Base colors in your complexion indicate whether you are cool, warm, or neutral. So here are 10 modern lipstick colors that look well on Indian complexion.

an ardent red

Red is a timeless hue that complements all complexion tones, including those of dusky Indian descent. No matter where you go or what you wear, it looks dramatic and will grab everyone’s attention. Use a lip liner that matches your eye shadow, sprinkle some glitter on top for a more dazzling look, and then break some hearts.

dark chocolate

On women with deeper complexion tones, using a chocolate brown color will appear really appealing and natural. When you want to create a neutral appearance that still looks young and modern, this is the lipstick to choose.

adorable pink

Finding the perfect shade of pink for you will make it amazing! Fortunately, pink comes in a wide range of shades, from pretty pastels to its vibrant coral tones and striking neon pinks. They can all be worn with ease with a casual, evening, or party look and are suitable for many events.

a deep purple

Bright and pastel purple hues verging on lilac should be avoided by Indian women (and all other women, for that matter!). This color is especially inappropriate for women with dusky skin. Try darker purple hues instead, which look stunning with both warm and cool undertones. We advise you to try the deep plum shade, which will contribute to an elegant appearance with a whiff of mystery.

sexy nude

The hardest skin tone to match a lipstick to is definitely medium or neutral complexion tones. If you want a sophisticated daytime look, use a plain nude lipstick for women with complexion that is neither dark nor fair. For an evening night out, you may apply a little amount of bronze outlining.

berries and delicious wines

All skin tones look beautiful in these hues, but Indian women with fair skin would benefit the most from them. These are bold colors that will significantly improve your evening appearance while subtly highlighting your inherent attractiveness.

vivacious fuchsia

You can experiment with a range of fuchsia hues, but whichever one you choose will give you that extra splash of color that will make you stand out. When wearing fuchsia, choose for lighter hues during the day and a deeper shade when wearing an evening gown. Fair-skinned Indian women seem extremely beautiful in this color.

attractive taupe

Indian women with dark complexion should at least try wearing this stunning lip color once; although it may seem a little weird, this greyish brown is ideal for a more refined appearance.

tangy peach

When dark-skinned Indian women want to put up a casual look that is both attractive and effortless, peach is their go-to color. Unlike pink, peach is the most popular color and appears natural on women with dusky complexion.

beautiful bronze

For daytime and evening looks, Indian women with darker skin tones can wear bronze lipstick. You can use it for the majority of occasions without worrying if your lip color is too loud or too soft because it is one of those colors that appears subtle and classy.


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