10 Lipstick Mistakes You Should Stop Making

I consider lipstick to be magic as a self-confessed junkie. Since there are so many lipstick tints and hues available, you can always pick one to complement your attire or add a burst of color. Additionally, I think lipstick may be used as an accent or as a fun way to give your clothing a little extra oomph without having to match it at all. The bottom line is that lipstick is enjoyable, adaptable, and essentially magical. However, I observe people erroneously applying lipstick far too frequently. Let’s discuss that.

1. Liner

Do not skip a line. You require it to improve the way your lipstick adheres to your lips. Basically, use liner first if you don’t want your lipstick to smear all over the place. Let’s dispel the misconception that you should just use lip liner while we’re talking about liners. Yes, that will stop the lipstick from smearing on the rest of your face, but at the end of the day, all that will be left of your lipstick is a ring of color around the perimeter of your lips. Therefore, line all of your lips with lipstick if you want complete protection.

2. Bolding

While some people erroneously avoid using liner altogether, others employ it improperly. It’s true that you can line your lips to give the impression that they are larger, but you don’t need to dress like a clown to do so. Do you really want to be one of those gals who struts around like Miranda Sings? The majority of the time, we line our lips at the inner lip edge. Lip liner in the same shade as your lips or just one shade darker should be used to draw a line on the border or very slightly over the outside edge of your lips in order to give the appearance that your lips are somewhat bigger. Of course, you should also line the remaining portions of your lips.

3. Lipstick

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really like lip gloss. It just doesn’t work in windy conditions since it’s dirty and sticky. But I can understand why people prefer it for adding a little color or for giving their lips a slightly bigger appearance. Although it is simpler to use and requires less expertise than lipstick, it’s still vital to exercise moderation. Less is more with lip gloss. The optimum application method is a little swipe; if you use a thick layer, your hands and face will become sticky.

4. Lipstick

Lip balms and chapsticks are necessary for folks who enjoy wearing lipstick. Lip balm will help you avoid this and keep your lips hydrated and supple. Some types of lipstick can dry out your lips over time. It’s never a good idea to apply lip balm, then quickly cover it with lipstick. Your lipstick won’t last at all and everything will just slip around. Apply lip balm first, follow with the rest of your face makeup and maybe your hair, give it time to absorb, and then use lipstick.

5 Scrub

Your lips won’t look decent with lipstick on if they are chapped. In actuality, lipstick will just accentuate the dry areas on your lips even more. Therefore, constantly remember to exfoliate your lips with lip scrubs and hydrate them afterwards if you want to wear a trendy lipstick and appear great.

6. tone

Similar to foundation, lipstick is fantastic at changing your appearance, but in order to look beautiful, you need to choose the right hue. If you choose a tint that is too dark, you might appear a little bit eerie, but some people like that. Additionally, it’s a common rule that you should choose cooler or warmer lipstick shades depending on the tone of your skin. But also pay attention to the lipstick’s undertones. Red, for instance, is typically thought of as a warm color, but you can get a red lipstick with cooler blue undertones that will look fantastic on people with paler skin.

7. Having

Here are a few tips you may want to keep in your back pocket if you want your lipstick to last all day. Lip liner should be applied all over the lips first, followed by primer, a second layer of lip liner, and then lipstick. This will ensure that your lipstick lasts longer. After applying your lipstick, you can also add a tiny dab of translucent setting powder.

8. Transferring

Lipsticks can transfer onto your clothes or teeth, which is one of the most bothersome things about them. However, there is a simple solution. Translucent powder, as we previously discussed, is your friend when it comes to having the lipstick stay on longer and transfer less. Additionally, stick to liquid matte, transfer-free products if you’re concerned about transferring. Additionally, you should always perform the finger test on your teeth. Stick a finger in your mouth and take it out while puckering your lips after applying your lipstick and wiping away the excess with a tissue. You won’t have to worry about getting lipstick on your teeth because all the extra will wind up on your finger.

9. Drying

Lip balms can partially mitigate the drying effects of many liquid and matte lipsticks on your lips. However, wearing drying lipsticks constantly is probably not a good choice if you simply have dry lips most of the time. Change instead to hydrating formulations that contain natural oils and butters. Today, thankfully, it is possible to find lipsticks with both a gorgeous color and hydrating properties.

10. Situation

There are many lipstick color options, as I said at the beginning of this essay. There are traditional hues, subdued tones, bare lips, neon lipsticks, and brilliant, glittery hues. Even if you can acquire them all, you kind of need to consider the right occasions to wear each lipstick. While the more colorful, fluorescent, and glittery ones are ideal for events like festivals, parties, photo sessions, and perhaps even just a casual day out, they would appear completely inappropriate in a conference or business meeting. So choose your colors wisely and enjoy yourself!


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