10 Most Expensive Oscar Dresses Of All Time

The Academy Awards are a symbol of Hollywood; attending one signifies that you have achieved success and cannot go back. The Oscars red carpet is a fashion event when we get to view some of the most beautiful outfits of all time, in addition to honouring Hollywood’s talented stars. These historical costumes are the most expensive ever, despite the fact that the majority of them aren’t exactly cheap.

Annette Hathaway

In this extravagant Valentino, Anne walked like a crimson swan. Red is obviously this brunette’s hue as she floated (or, may we say, walked) in a silk faille pillar-box dress. The masterpiece with no straps cost $80,000, which was a significant sum in 2011. This gown, which matches with that iconic outfit, was almost designed for Hathaway. She was also sporting a $10 million necklace, which is helpful.

2.Lupita N’yongo

Calvin Klein’s inclusion at the top of a list of “most expensive” dresses may surprise some, but this unique ensemble for the 2015 Academy Awards was made with over 6,000 pearls, so its price of $150,000 is hardly shocking. It had a unique design thanks to the breast embellishments and halter back. For this short-haired beauty, only the best would do.

3.Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron attended the 2014 Academy Awards wearing a chic white peplum with geometric outlines and crystal accents. Charlize will always be a fashion hero for us, therefore this look might still be in style in 2020. The outfit was a $100,000 bespoke Dior Haute Couture masterpiece. The finishing touch was that stylish pixie cut.

4.Cate Blanchett

Although she wore a dress worth $100,000 by Armani Prive at the 2014 Academy Awards, Cate one-upped Charlize at the 2014 Oscars because it was her extravagant appearance at the 2007 Academy Awards that really brought in the cash. Once more designed by Armani Prive, this silvery, mesh, and tulle gown cost $200,000 and featured diamond embellishments in line with Blanchett’s customary style.

5.Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet chose for a classic look in a memorable colour for the 2007 Academy Awards. She spent $100,000 on the Valentino dress she wore. This seafoam green, one-shouldered outfit had a built-in train from the bodice and was the ideal fusion of regal and subtle. We can see why she won the award for best dressed at this occasion from industry insiders in fashion.

6.Jessica Biel

At the 2014 Oscars, Jessica Biel wore a Chanel column gown in the most romantic colour of blush, which cost her $100,000. This glittering design truly shined with its button detailing on the back, which included several decorations and silver buttons. Like many other red carpet actresses, Biel teamed her ensemble with Tiffany & Co.

7.Rooney Mara

Angel walking the dead At the Academy Awards, Rooney Mara wore a dress made of lace that cost over $100,000. The actress, who was nominated for “Carol,” regrettably lost out on the award, but she will always remember being among the most stunning women on the red carpet that evening. None other than Givenchy created the look.

8.Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s 1970s Oscar dress had a plunging neckline that was a chiffon dream laced with purple and periwinkle hues. The voluptuous queen, dressed by Edit Head, was not hesitant to flaunt her curves or the 69-carat diamond necklace that her husband Richard Burton gave her.

9.Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s ethereal Christian Dior Haute Couture gown propelled her from the hundreds to the millions, even if most of the Academy Awards outfits were pretty ethereal. This lavish $2 million gold and green shift outfit was created for the 1997 Academy Awards. It had a slit and was meticulously embroidered.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law transformed herself into a real-life princess with this 2 million dollar dress. This pink Dior Couture ballgown looked attractive, however it was noticeably uncomfortable to walk in. After attempting to handle the massive amounts of cloth engulfing her body, the actress even had that memorable tumble on stage. Given that Jennifer was their most well-known brand spokeswoman at the time, Dior lent her the garment. The dress received more media attention and broadcast time as a result of the well-known trip than they could have ever anticipated, which further increased the beauty and value of the dress.

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