10 Most Extraordinary Hats At Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

Without some very magnificent millinery, no British wedding is complete. English weddings demand attendees to wear a wide range of different accessories, including fascinators, headbands, hair pieces, and, of course, hats, whereas American weddings mostly emphasize shoes and jewellery. At Pippa and James Matthews’ wedding, all of the aforementioned headpieces performed as intended. While Pippa wore a delicate veil from Stephen Jones Milliner, her affluent guests displayed headpieces that were embellished with lace, frills, and feathers. The most beautiful hats from Pippa and James’ Berkshire wedding are shown here.

Alexander McQueen himself created Kate Middleton’s stunning headpiece. In this soft hat, she looks dapper than ever before!

When you want to appear tidy and fashionable, white is without a doubt the colour of choice. Donna Air completes her gorgeous appearance with a simple yet stylish hat.

It is clear that Princess Eugenie of York is not very interested in the fuss surrounding headwear. While her Juliette Botterill hat may not be all that spectacular, her blue Paul Ka dress is unquestionably one of the most gorgeous outfits we’ve seen at the event.

When it comes to weddings and hats, nothing is ever “too magnificent”!

Visitors will go to tremendous lengths to wear the most exquisite hats possible. This woman may be donning the most unique hat of them all, in our opinion!

The black-and-white hat on Katie Redman is the perfect complement to her plum-hued jumpsuit. The bow is just gorgeous!

This stunning navy hat shouts “classy” at every turn. It was a very daring choice to wear it with a striped apricot blazer!

The bride’s cousin, Tallulah Goldsmith, looked stunning in a patterned Mary Katrantzou dress and soft pink hat. It is by far the cutest hair accessory!

For this hat, we just have one word: lilacs. With a flirtatious white veil, the flowers look real and provide a wonderfully attractive look.

Flowers are always in style, right? The fawn dress and matching heels look great with this chrysanthemum-like headpiece.

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