10 Most Memorable Met Gala Looks Of All Time

It’s a well-known fact that every celebrity dresses to impress during the annual Met Gala. It’s always entertaining to observe what styles everyone will use, how innovative they will handle the situation, and how far they will go to stand out. There have been many amazing looks throughout the years, but today we thought we would attempt to build a list of the best and most iconic Met Gala looks ever. Enjoy!

1.2017’s Cara Delevingne

I don’t know about you, but when Cara wore this outfit to the 2017 Met Gala, we couldn’t help but think of the movie Ex Machina. She looked quite robotic with her silver head shavings.

2. 2018’s Zendaya

Zendaya gets praised for channelling Joan of Arc for this year’s Met Gala.

3. 2018 Jared Leto

Jared’s resemblance to Jesus was a running joke among us, but he later stole the idea for the Met Gala.

4.Selena Gomez, from 2015.

In this white backless dress, Selena exuded grace and easy elegance that gave us chills.

5.Kim Kardashian (2017)

Even though Kim has worn some pretty crazy outfits throughout her life, you might be startled by her pick. However, this choice feels more memorable precisely because of how laid-back and understated this look was.

6.Rihanna (2011), 2014, 2015, and 2018

Since our girl RiRi has been dishing out looks left and right, it was difficult for us to choose one. Additionally, this is a really cool way to observe her evolving fashion sense. She was always dangerous, but man, that got out of hand fast.

7. In 2016, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

They looked like the cutest couple on the red carpet, so it’s kind of sweet that Gigi made Zayn wear that odd metallic arm piece to match her outfit.

8. 2016’s FKA Twigs

You must recognize the risky yet elegant appearance of a nude dress. And the numerous chain accents only enhanced the appearance.

9.Lupita Nyong’o was born in 2014.

With that dress, Lupita made a courageous decision, and we salute her for it!

10. 2018 Katy Perry

Although this feathered outfit certainly looked impressive, we’re not sure if it was pure genius or a cry for help.

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