10 Oldest Beauty Secrets In The World That Actually Work

Thousands of women are using natural, home-made facial masks, shampoos, lotions, and oil-based skincare therapies as DIY beauty treatments gain popularity year after year. In essence, millions of women have carried out similar tasks in the past in places like Ancient Greece, Africa, China, Rome, India, and the Middle East. Given their ignorance of the risks associated with some components, ancient women did occasionally adopt more extreme methods of beauty care, but for the most part, they relied on eco-friendly, all-natural remedies. Here are the top 10 oldest beauty secrets in the world.

1. Shower like Cleopatra

Given that Cleopatra was one of the most stunning ladies in history, it is not surprising that she enjoyed pampering herself. According to historians, she was renowned for having flawless, silky skin, and she employed a straightforward formula for her frequent baths of olive oil, milk, and honey to achieve that incredibly smooth look. All of those items are undoubtedly in your kitchen right now.

2. Babylonian roses

The Babylonian royal family was well-versed in matters of health and beauty, which is why they utilized rose oil and petals practically everywhere. Use rose water on your face, rose oil if you need an antibacterial, and rose-petal baths to refresh and tone your skin. It alleviates depression and has a wonderful scent.

3. A traditional Biblical treatment

Recall the Magi’s gifts and the infant Jesus? Well, historians claim that the pungent-smelling frankincense was one of those presents. Back then, everyone was aware of the plant’s beneficial anti-bacterial characteristics, which made it an ideal treatment for all types of scrapes, bruises, and skin disorders. Today, it is primarily used to manufacture incense and perfume. It was worth more than gold at one point in time.

4. Egyptian hair removal technique

In the realm of waxing, shaving, plucking, and laser hair removal, nothing is new. However, Egyptian women utilized sugaring to get those silky smooth legs and other parts of the body before these comparatively modern hair removal methods were developed. Waxing hurts more than sugaring, which also acts as an exfoliant.

5. Hairstyle with henna

If you have a sensitive scalp, dying your hair can actually become an issue. And once you begin, you must continue for all time, using chemicals to gradually kill your hair. Of course, ancient ladies did like experimenting with different colors, but they did so with natural dyes like henna. Your hair will acquire a lovely crimson tint from henna while also being strengthened and having the scalp moisturized.

6. The advantages of neem

There is a reason why neem is revered as a sacred plant in India. Its stem and leaves are used to make a variety of beauty items and have therapeutic benefits. Neem helps relieve skin irritants, and when combined with cucumber and curd, it creates a wonderful moisturizing mask that lessens skin oiliness.

7. Marie Antoinette’s child-friendly recipe

Marie Antoinette was known to sleep in special gloves that were bathed in rose water and almond oil because she was very concerned about the condition of her hands. These chemicals will undoubtedly work for your hands as well, even though you might not want to go quite that far yourself!

8. The magic of clay

Since the time of the first cavemen, humanity has been aware of clay. It has undoubtedly been tried and tested by millions of women worldwide and is 100 percent eco-friendly. Each form of clay, including white, blue, and green, has unique qualities that can be used to clear up acne and purify the skin. If consumed internally, clay will also help your body remove toxins.

9. Chinese beauty experts’ pearl powder

Pearl powder was a peculiar but entirely natural beauty remedy that Ming Dynasty women applied on their skin. If consumed internally, it is said to increase calcium levels, assist create collagen, which is important for the youthful appearance of skin, and moisturize skin. Well, it’s safe to say that the Chinese royal ladies were competent! Online retailers offer pearl powder for purchase and testing.

10. Aztec avocado moisturizer

Yes, avocados can improve the appearance of your skin in addition to being (arguably) the best food on the planet. Because they were aware of the wonderful qualities of avocados, the ancient Aztecs did not hesitate to mash them up and put them on their faces. Avocado imparts a healthy glow to your face, minimizes the size of pores, and hydrates the skin.


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