10 Quick And Easy Wedding Hairstyles

Looking for quick and simple wedding hairstyle ideas? View our list to learn more!

1. The half-up, half-down bridal look is one of our favorites. And This natural look is still perfectly elegant with a low key braid and crown for the bride who doesn’t want to go full-on Snookie with a massive up-do held up by hairspray.

2. A bride with more wit or edge should wear plaits. The loose plaits transition into low-riding buns with a jewel tucked between them at the button, creating a stunning look that we’d want to wear to dress up any formal occasion.

3. These romantic, flawless waves have a 1920s feel to them and are a timeless classic with a glamorous look that is influenced by earlier times. Perfect with bangs swept to the side and longer hair or shorter, choppy waves. To prepare, simply curl the hair and strategically place bobby pins.

4. For any bride, this unkempt bun with pinned loose waves and wisps at the front is the ideal imperfect princess style. also,This bejeweled headband with miniature branches contrasts beautifully with dark hair and goes well with it.

5. We adore this long fishtail pony for the slightly non-traditional bride, especially with this babe’s bleach ombre version of it. Nobody ever said a ponytail couldn’t be stylish. A few pieces of this well-styled, pulled-apart braid add volume at the front in a way that combines an updo with a laid-back appearance while still letting the face take center stage (and a pair of badass earrings)

6. Wow! We have never seen a look quite like this one before. Whether you choose to go grey like the model did or not, this magnificent braid design is the ideal semi-up, semi-down style. The hair is pulled back from the face in one large braid that runs from top to bottom, sandwiched between two smaller side braids for a delicate appearance.

7. If you want to extend the bun at the back, this messy updo with a side braid is perfect for curly girls! We adore the loose bun of curled hair that hangs close to the nape of the neck and is braided in a sweeping, seamless manner.

8. This traditional bun is the style you’ve been waiting for if you want to keep it a little cleaner. The charming twist on the bun that makes it less stiff and more deserving of a wedding dress and pearl earrings is the subtle pulling action that creates the lovely lines at the back.

9. This up-do, one of the more conventional looks on the list, has a slight bump-it (but it does add volume!). The hair is parted to the side and only a few long, wavy tendrils hang loose by the face. A unique and elegant headband will complement this outfit well.

10. As this babe has done, try wearing this look with a halter dress or something with shoulder baring. A straightforward braid crown is positioned in the place of a headband to complete a smooth band of side-swept bangs. In contrast to the neatly finished front, the bun appears extremely unkempt, curly, and almost tangled. The loose tendril’s placement by her ear is ideal, but not in front of her face.


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