10 Reasons To Go Back To Your Natural Hair Color

You might occasionally wish to attempt a new hair color if you’re tired of your current shade. However, after a few test runs, you might wish to give up the dye and embrace your natural tint. Here are the main justifications for returning to your roots.

1. Because after the fad is over, you’ll feel the need to continuously update your appearance. Unicorn or “rose gold” hair might be popular on Instagram for a few weeks.

2. Because not caring for your natural hair can cause significant damage by depriving it of essential natural sebum.

3. And because the harm is irreversible. If you’ve never colored your hair before, take this as a warning: no matter how many recovery masks you use in the shower, you can’t go back once chemicals penetrate into your hair.

4. Because dyeing your hair changes the color of your hair, which is lovely in its natural state. Babes, keep that original color!

5. due to the abundance of alternatives that are gentle on your hair. For instance, bleach blond and brilliant red hair require a lot of maintenance, but non-permanent colors, wigs, and hair pieces can enable you easily simulate them.

6. Considering how much maintenance coloured hair requires! Wouldn’t you rather to spend your money on items that nurture the natural loveliness of your hair rather than purple shampoos or specialized color-maintaining conditioners?

7. It fits you better than any artificial hue you might try because you were born with it and it is completely unique to you.

8. You are as familiar with your natural hair as you are with yourself. You are aware of what works and what doesn’t. Since you’re going against nature, your hair may have uncontrollable frizz, poor roots, and faded hues that seem cheap.

9. Rather of poisoning your hair and wallet on a monthly basis, save your time and use it to do things you genuinely want to do. It’s wonderful to occasionally enjoy the luxury of a wash cut and style, but avoid becoming too dependent on it.

10. Your hair will eventually perish if you continue to colour it. Yes, bleaching or dying your hair basically strips it of its natural color and prepares the follicles for damage, which could result in permanent loss. You won’t get bald if you keep it natural!