10 Recent Trends You Either Love Or Hate

Every day, new fashions emerge. Some are influenced by photo shoots, the fashion industry, or famous people, while others just begin on social media as people choose to express their original ideas. You can’t avoid the fact that each and every one of these trends has been on your radar at some point in time, regardless of whether you love them or detest them. They undoubtedly dominated the internet for a day, a week, or perhaps a month as you witnessed on social media. You could have scrolled past them or even given some of them a go yourself. Let’s look at 18 trends from the last year that you either loved or hated. They range from cute to ridiculous.

1. Ponytail Hair

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m quite sure unicorn hair was the beginning. This, in my opinion, is a bit more wearable and subdued variation on rainbow hair. It’s a sweet idea, and it appears very cute. If I were blond, I would quickly join this trend. Although the results are stunning, some females who tried it did say that it’s quite impractical because it takes a lot of work to color your hair this way and it washes out fairly quickly. However, when have fashions ever been so useful?

2. Unicorn nails

While we’re talking about unicorns, we should also talk about unicorn nails. You’ve probably seen a variety of them on Instagram. However, they all share 3 things in common: glitter, pastel nail polish, and one or more nails that are meant to resemble unicorn horns.

3. Tailored Eyebrows

Recently, this trend became very popular. On Instagram, there are various interpretations of feathered brown. There are glittery ones, peacock feather-inspired ones, and the traditional one where you brush your brow hairs into a feather form. To create this look, you do need quite bushy brows to start with, so it might not be for everyone.

4. Dragon brows and barbed wire

There was no turning back once feathery brows got going. People were motivated and made the decision to design their own distinctive eyebrow styles, such as barbed wire and dragon brows. I’m not sure if you’d wear this on a regular basis, but it would look great during a GOT-themed party or picture shoot.

5. Artificial Brows

Not everyone is born with the thick brows that are currently in style. Some of us simply have thin brows by nature, while others (you know, not millennials) may still be working on growing out their brows after over-plucking them in the 1990s. Don’t give up if you’re one of these people. There are phony brows. They resemble miniature wigs for your eyebrows. In essence, it’s synthetic eyelashes for your brows.

6. Braided Brows

Braided brows are a delightful trend that has drawn a lot of attention. You did hear me correctly. tiny, tidy braids in the eyebrows. Do those exist? Can you actually braid your eyebrows? I’m going to take a risk and say “no.” Those are extensions for hair. However, that does seem rather intriguing, doesn’t it?

7. Ear cosmetics

This style would make you delighted if you enjoy wearing makeup a lot. You may now apply makeup to your ears as well as your face, expanding your beauty options. Consider how this might enhance your cosmetic appearance. Now that you have more room, you may express your creativity in a variety of ways, whether you want to just add a bright burst of color to your earlobe, contour the ear, or go completely bonkers and embellish the entire ear.

8. Popcorn lips

This fashion is not only uncommon, but also incredibly practical for individuals who frequently smudge their lipstick. Lipstick that extends past the edge of your lips and sort of mixes outwards, as if to mimic the appearance you’d get after eating a lollipop, is what the trend known as “lollipop lips” is all about. I don’t know about you ladies, but when chewing a lollipop, that has never happened to me. However, it frequently occurs when I take a coffee to-go without a straw. It’s good to know that I can finally be fashionable and declare “it’s a trend” without feeling uncomfortable.

9. LED Eyelashes

Try these lashes if you enjoy bold lashes. LED forgeries are on an entirely new level. Although they’re obviously not intended for daily use, how awesome would it be to implement this idea for a new year’s party? Though having flickering LED lights actually on your eyelids couldn’t be good for your eyes, can it? I do wonder how this impacts your vision.

10. Opposite Eyeliner

If applying regular eyeliner is difficult for you and creating a cateye takes three hours and numerous tries, this trend will be confusing to you. It takes a moment for you to recognize there is a problem with this photo since reverse eyeliner is so peculiar yet so undetectable. I challenge eyeliner experts to give this a go.


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