10 Signs He’s Not Over His Ex

Few things are as detrimental to a relationship as cheating. But when your man is still hankering over their ex, that comes close. Perhaps you have a gut instinct or you noticed anything on his phone. Although moving on from a prior relationship is never simple, it is necessary if you want to begin a new one. You have heartaches just at the thought of bae thinking of someone else. Here are several indicators that your partner is still grieving their ex.

1. He frequently discusses her.

Sometimes bringing up your ex is not a bad thing. However, if it appears that he dwells on the past more than the present or even compares you to her, it raises a serious concern. You should be the female he’s gushing over, if there is one!

2.They are “friends”

Being friends with one’s ex might cause a lot of stress on the person’s current partner. There is nothing wrong with maintaining good relations with a former partner, but you may tell if he isn’t over her by looking for certain indicators. If it involves more than a casual coffee date or lunch, people can be surprised. Traditionally, dinner is not for ex-spouses. Furthermore, it’s a no if he picks spending time with her above spending time with you.

3. He remains a member of her family.

When you’re still together, blending with your partner’s family is natural. Even if you and your ex had a close relationship, it’s difficult to break up with your ex’s family after a breakup. Say your boo still joins them for Thanksgiving dinner, assists her parents around the house, or receives invitations to important gatherings. You should talk about such boundary transgression right now.

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4. He continues to do her favors.

These acts of altruism don’t really apply to his ex, even if bae is just the kind of generous person who always helps someone out. It’s an obvious power play that indicates “he’s not over me yet, and will always choose me over you” if she constantly calls for assistance and he is always ready to provide it. Tell him that this is not acceptable.

5. He continues to follow her on Instagram.

It’s not a good indicator if you’ve seen that she’s active on all of his social media accounts and that he frequently browses through her page. In a similar spirit, it’s not cool to constantly tag people or groups of people in photos. She is definitely on his thoughts right now, and that much is obvious.

6. No matter what, he always answers her phone calls.

It’s odd enough that your ex is phoning your boyfriend constantly, but it’s even more concerning if he answers every call. especially if it happens during a serious chat or a date with each other. In a sense, it indicates that he is addicted to her and is unable to truly let go of her. You ought to come first, not her.

7. He seems to still be angry with her.

Some ladies might like hearing negative remarks about the ex-girlfriend of their lover. But if he still becomes agitated when speaking about her, it suggests that he is still emotionally attached to the union. If those angry feelings haven’t subsided over time as he goes on, it indicates that he hasn’t. It’s possible that he’s still trying to persuade himself that he doesn’t love her.

8. He compares you to her,

A man should never contrast his present spouse with his ex, whether they are wonderful or horrible. Particularly if he is attempting to make his current girlfriend more like his ex by portraying her in a favorable light. Instead of attempting to transform you into someone else, he ought to respect you for who you are.

9. He forbids you from spending time with your shared friends.

If you’re in a relationship with him, he should be proud to show you off! He should be eager to share both his old and new buddies with you. But if he’s hesitant to take you to gatherings with old friends or acquaintances of his ex, it may be a sign that he’s secretly hoping to bump into her. Either that, or he’s afraid you’ll find out since his pals know he’s still in love with her.

10. He mistakenly addresses you by her name.

He calls you by your name, which is a genuinely embarrassing gaffe that is worse than saying her name. Such a blatant action makes it clear that he has someone else on his mind. You can tell whether he is still thinking about her, consciously or unconsciously, even if you hear him repeat her name in a dream.