10 Signs You’re Not Ready To Date A Single Parent

Being in love with a person who is a parent is a difficult path that not everyone is prepared for. As you ride this emotional rollercoaster, keep in mind to be polite and open-minded. Here are a few indicators that you’re not quite ready to go with this.

1. You’re not emotionally prepared for some emotional ups and downs. Divorce or dealing with a partner’s death while also experiencing the added responsibility of full parenting is a delicate and challenging process.

2. If you experience intense jealousy while often observing them coparent. If their ex-partner is still in the picture, you should keep your composure and accept this dynamic as it is, without any envy.

3. If you prefer to live opulently or be taken out frequently and are unwilling to make sacrifices. Recognize how expensive daycare is for a single parent; a $5 coffee for you is money that would otherwise go toward paying a sitter to watch their kids while they go on a date with you.

4. If you regularly modify your schedule at the last minute and don’t respect their time. A single parent cannot afford to be so impulsive or to travel a long distance to meet you at your home.

5. You expect them to spontaneously stay the night at your house or the other way around. A sitter typically won’t stay up all night, and introducing a new person to the kids can be awkward.

6. Their children will always come first in their priorities. You’re wasting your own time and the time of possible mates if you think everyone will be looking at you instead of them.

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7. You must be understanding and adaptable – rather than being resentful if a date is canceled because the kids are ill, volunteer to bring them soup or medicine.

8. Never provide your opinion on your own; always wait for it to be requested. Keep in mind that you must earn the right to co-discipline.

9. You simply don’t like kids or don’t want to be the parent of someone else’s child. Although it may seem simple, people often mistakenly believe that they would eventually overcome their anti-kid mentality, only to regret their choice later.

10. If you feel the urge to micromanage and control every facet of the relationship. When a person has children, many of their decisions quickly pass from their control and into the best interests of the children. This lifestyle may not be for you if you have trouble letting things go with the flow.