10 Style Tips You Need To Learn From Victoria Beckham

From her Posh Spice days, Victoria Beckham taught us valuable lessons about friendship and the strength of a good girl squad. Today, she is regarded as a style icon all over the world. Here are her best suggestions for staying stylish.

1. When you travel, bring long dresses. She did so for Paris and Madrid after finding that they look stylish, are cosy and functional, and take up less room in our suitcase than other items of clothing.

2. Don’t be hesitant to try menswear. In contrast to some of her other styles, Victoria has been known to don androgynous outfits and men’s coats. She has detractors for some of these appearances, but since she is David Beckham’s wife, who cares?

3. With a high ruffle collar, you may make a subtle statement. One of Mrs. Beckham’s more well-known distinctive looks, it adds drama. She typically wears neutral coloured pants, but you can also try a skirt.

4. A white button-down with a collar and long sleeves is a wardrobe need. Some people might believe that every woman needs an LBD in her wardrobe, but this office essential is just as important.

5. Wearing all black is always appropriate. The criticism of his monochromatic, sombre appearance may be harsh, yet wearing all black has a timeless, effortlessly sophisticated quality. It always makes you appear hot and is simple to match.

6. Always have a set of big sunglasses handy. This accessory gives even the most uninteresting ensembles a trendy edge, regardless of the season or your facial type.

7. A choppy lob or bob is simple to style and requires little upkeep. If you’re considering cutting your hair short, try this modern style that suits a variety of women and is just long enough to tie up but short enough for carefree styling like loose waves.

8. Denim can be expensive. Everything depends on the type of jeans and how slick the fashion is. Choose a pair of dark, fitted, flattering jeans that blend nicely with heels and a silk or chiffon top rather than faded or ripped choices.

9. Choose a camel suit with a boxy, androgynous design if you don’t enjoy wearing classic pantsuits. While it has a high-street appearance, it will be more timeless than the blush and pastel choices currently on the market and stay into the winter.

10. Whether worn with a white tee or a cosy hoodie, leather pants are a terrific way to add some edge to an everyday outfit. With the correct blazer, it looks sophisticated, seductive, and extremely grown up.

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