10 Stylish Women In History You Didn’t Know About

There are a lot of Stylish Women who have made significant advances in fashion throughout history, but Stylish Women frequently hear about individuals like Audrey Hepburn or Princess Di as being historical female fashion icons. With their revolutionary deeds and enduring sense of fashion, these fearless  of  Stylish Women in history paved the road for us and our forebears.

Luisa Marchesa Casati

This Italian heiress was a fashion pioneer, with avant-garde flair that would later influence Mick Jagger and a host of other performers. She was the pioneer of androgynous rock & roll decades before it developed into what it is now, and even Man Ray was able to capture her beauty. Luisa was all about striking jewellery, equally striking black eyeliner, and flowing, dreamy gowns. Oh, and a cheetah on a leash, casually.

Countess Pompadour

Greetings from the height of opulence. King Louis XV’s mistress, born in 1721, was named Madame de Pompadour. With her lavish bows and flowers perched atop a puffed-out, pastel-hued rococo dress, this stunning woman was all about going beyond. She had the most enticing candy-like appearance. Today, the runway would be the only place to witness this.

Dali Gala

Salvador Dali’s wife, who also served as his muse, was much more than just his partner in crime. She used wide-leg slacks, precisely tailored dresses, brimmed hats, and creations by Schiaparelli, who later collaborated with the Dalis, to create her classic distinctive look. She wasn’t just beautiful when she was dressed up; she was also a smart businesswoman who effortlessly attracted gallerists and kept snakes at bay.

De Beauvoir, Simone

De Beauvoir, Simone She didn’t dress up to be cute for men because she disliked corsets and the confines of fashion. Even though this feminist said that she didn’t think about clothes very often, it was obvious from the way she dressed that she had a keen sense of style. Her collection featured clothing like a black and white wool-braided tweed dress, as well as accessories like huge garnet earrings surrounded by silver. She cherished her travel-related attire, such as a lamb-lined silk Chinese jacket robe.

Schiaparelli, Elsa

Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian-French fashion designer who loved surrealist attire. Elsa and Dali and his wife became good friends because of their common love of surrealism. With her ingenious inventions, like a telephone-shaped pocketbook and a white outfit with enormous lobsters printed on it, she served as an inspiration to designers for years to come. She dominated the haute couture industry in the 1930s and even created the “shocking pink,” a colour that became popular among fashionistas.

Nesbit, Evelyn

Evelyn Nesbit, who was alive until 1967, had a somewhat controversial life story. She most certainly would have earned her own series if reality TV had existed. Nesbit was a married actress and model who had an affair. Her husband killed her lover, who at the time happened to be a well-known architect. With her exposed shoulders—which were extremely scandalous at the time—tight corsets, and cascading ringlets, she was theoretically the first supermodel ever.

Theresa Nazimova

This LGBTQ+ emblem has been around since the 1920s. Theresa was a silent film star who openly admitted to loving ladies and frequently hosted large gatherings at her mansion on Sunset Boulevard. Theresa embodied what is now known as “old Hollywood” style with her floor-grazing robes, backless ensembles, and silk dresses that combined underwear with outerwear. She frequently wore garments created by Natacha Rambova, Rudolph Valentino’s wife and an Art Deco-inclined designer.

Sert Misia

Perhaps you are familiar with Coco Chanel, but how about Misia Sert? This figure was a part of Coco’s social circle and was well-connected in the art world. With a moniker like “Queen of Paris,” you can be sure that her sense of style was impeccable. She wore sweeping lace skirts, big hats embellished with flowers, and a loose Gibson Girl hairstyle. She frequently provided financial support to her artist pals.

Elisabeth, the Austrian empress

Despite wearing stunning clothing, the way the 1800s Empress arranged her hair is what will always make her a style icon in our eyes. In addition to the tight corsets and layered petticoats to highlight the cinched waist. Why was she such a fashion icon because of her hair? Because it was absurdly long and she spent hours every morning wrapping her ponytail in pearls and adorning it with diamond brooches. glistening with sparkle!

Blanch, Lesley

Lesley Blanch gave us almost a century’s worth of fashion swag, but Princess Diana is more well-known than this British person. British author and historian Blanch was the bohemian goddess we all aspire to be. She is the always mobile and stylish traveller buddy you have. Lesley was well known for sporting exotic jewellery, scars, and caftans, all of which she frequently acquired on international travel.

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