10 Summer Shoe Trends For 2022

We must create room for the footwear for this summer now that we can finally throw out our worn-out winter shoes. While some of these styles are more of a statement look in and of itself, others will allow our freshly painted toes shine. Here are some of our top footwear trends for the next season.


All throughout, we’ll notice bows and tie-knots on footwear and slippers. in the form of striped, gingham, and silk materials. Even though it’s timeless, it has a retro, nostalgic vibe. Also, a lot more comfy than those thong shoes that cause blisters.


We wanted more of these comfortable slip-ons, so Sam Edelman gave them to us! Although the cosy cabin look is frequently associated with the fall, we’re here to introduce it into the summer months. The festival shoe of 2019 will undoubtedly be embroidered sneakers and mules, which will overtake this trend.

Teva Inspired Sandals

This fashion trend revitalises the crunchy/granola look and gives your outfit a dash of adventure, practicality, and casual cool. Think of Jane Fonda during her heyday as an activist! They are a basic necessity in white, naked, and black.

See-through footwear

This plastic trend, which was influenced by the jelly shoes of the 1990s, might not be as comfortable as the previous one, especially in oppressive heat. Most frequently, the will appear as straps, heels, and bases. In order to prevent chafing on the hottest days of the year, wear it with a thin sock underneath.

Elegant Slides

Slides are the easiest shoes to put on and take off, and this season they’re getting a chic, opulent makeover. The slide silhouette will be tackled by both big-box retailers and vintage designers alike, with plenty of innovations in embellishments, colour, and fabric.

Animal Print

Every season, animal print resurfaces in a different guise; this time, it’s animal print! For the adventurous and inspirational fashionista, say welcome to zebra-pattern platforms or leather sandals in a leopard design. What will you use to unleash your wild side?

Architectural Shapes

Block heels and narrow stilettos are so last year – this year, it’s all about inventive and distinctive heels in gorgeous architectural shapes that appear more like sculptures than your run-of-the-mill high heel. Turning high heels into art one day at a time.

Neon Dad Sneakers

Use vibrant hues to revive the trend for dad shoes, like Stella McCartney did with her white and yellow pair. It’s never been more comfortable to watch Seinfeld, which is back in style. These bright, functional-inspired sneakers look great with oversized tees, bike shorts, or boyfriend jeans.

Square-toed style

Sleek has always been associated with toes that are excessively pointed and pointy. Say hello to the squared silhouette this year, which gives an ensemble a sharp feeling of modernism and geometry. Perfect in barefoot mules or pumps to highlight the curve.

Battle Boots

On the runway last year, there were a tonne of sock boots. The combat boot has returned this year, and it makes sense. It is the ideal bad-girl sneaker to boost your confidence and is very adaptable. Try pairing a silk slip dress with white Dr. Martens. Because boots may get rather warm in the summer, this appearance is lively, offers contrast, and keeps you cool.

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