10 Sweet Things Every Guy Wants To Hear From The Woman He Loves

Boyfriends might show it less, but they are just as emotional as their sweethearts, often even more. So if you prefer to hear beautiful words from your boo, simply think about how fantastic he would feel when you drop a few compliments on him. You don’t have to be complicated with the sweet-talk, but there are a few things that will make your partner exceptionally happy. Here are 10 lovely things every guy wants to hear from the lady he loves.

“I’m very lucky to be with you”

Guys like to be reminded that they matter a great deal to you. It’s crucial to acknowledge his significance to you verbally – that’s when he genuinely realizes that he has contributed to your happiness and you appreciate that. It will make him feel proud and confident!

“You are very strong”

Whether he’s just begun going to a gym, casually does workout, or is a committed sportsmen, it’s good to commend on his efforts. Tell him just how buff he is and that he looks better than ever. It’s crucial to inspire your partner, after all, he’s doing all this workout for you, too!

“Thank you for all that you’re doing for me”

Appreciation is crucial in any relationship. You probably see all the large and little things he’s doing for you, so why not say something? Any guy will be on cloud nine if you applaud his efforts like that.

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“I’m truly sorry”

This might not be the sweetest thing on the list, but it is one of the most important ones. Tell your partner that you’re sorry after a quarrel or when anything regretful happens in his life. Apologizing after an argument is the fundamental ingredient of a successful relationship and you can’t really move forward without this simple gesture. Just remember to be sincere!

“I trust you”

It is incredibly vital to let your partner know you trust him and want him to trust you. Revealing your sentiments like that will raise your relationship to a whole new level.

“You look hot”

Words like these (or anything less cheesy) is both a praise and an assurance that you still think him appealing. A small bit of ego-stroking, especially made out of the blue when he wasn’t actually trying to impress you, can go a long way. It will offer your boyfriend a burst of confidence we all need so much from time to time.

“You are more gorgeous than Chris Hemsworth”

Or any other actor you think is hotter than the Sun itself (and your boyfriend knows about it, too) (and your boyfriend knows about it, too). In general it’s not a very good idea to compare your guy to a handsome superstar, but you can absolutely do it in a form of a compliment. Especially if your superstar crush is someone buff!

“You always make me smile”

It’s generally a good sign when you can get loose and laugh your heart out with your partner. In fact, healthy relationships are impossible without it! If he can make you laugh with a single line or a smug comment done at the right time, then it’s a good thing to remind him of that even when he’s not making a joke.

“I wish you were here right now”

Whether you’re spending some time apart from your boo or simply want to remind how much you care about him, this is the phrase you should use. We all want to feel needed and missed, that’s why you should directly tell your man just how much you want to be with him 24/7.

“I know you can do it”

Guys like to be in control of things and do everything their own way even if it means spending some extra time looking for the place instead of asking for directions. Hey, he might be even struggling with something you know how to do better, but there are times you should help and times it’s better to step back and let him deal with things. This is when you should let your man know you believe in him and that he can do anything.