10 Things Men Want Their Girlfriends To Stop Doing

We enjoy discussing how bothersome guys can be and their peculiar tendencies. Let’s face it, ladies, we’re not flawless either. We gripe to one another about how dirty they are, how they never do the dishes, how they consistently make mistakes when doing laundry, or how they always leave the seat up in the bathroom. Guys too face a lot of challenges. So let’s discuss 10 behaviors that men would like their women to cease doing today.

1. A pair of selfies

Although it’s quite adorable and we get that you want to flaunt your man to the world, men don’t actually enjoy shooting the couple selfies that we find to be so endearing. They find the whole situation to be stilted, irritating, and embarrassing. Most of the time, they simply comply, but you never see them snapping selfies, do you? You might convince yourself that the man you’re dating is the only one who doesn’t mind and even enjoys couple selfies, but in reality, he’s just better at acting pretend than the other guys, so you should be grateful for how much he cares for you if he’s acting that way.

2. Online oversharing

As much as we’d want to think otherwise, everyone is a blogger these days. That is why we continue to post private information and images online. However, whether it’s a post about how wonderful everything is or how you’re having a difficult time, no man truly wants you to divulge intimate details about how your relationship is progressing. They would prefer that you simply keep your private affairs secret.

3. Taking A Long Time To Prepare

We are aware that great makeup looks require patience. That eyeliner takes a long time to apply perfectly, and the eyeshadow wasn’t seamlessly blended in two seconds. It takes time to contour and highlight, and if you add a bold statement lip, it might take even longer to get the lines just so. And let’s not even begin to discuss how long it can take to pull together an outfit that appears simple. However, men don’t get that; all they want is for us to get ready quickly. And the strange thing is, unless you’re doing a true Halloween style cosplay thing, nobody can tell if you spent two hours or two minutes on a look.

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4. Communicating via text while out on a date

When you’re out on a date with your partner, he’d really appreciate it if you focused on the present and gave him your complete attention. Those inside jokes are hilarious, and it’s natural to want to share something interesting with your pals. I’d appreciate it if you would put your phone away and send those SMS later.

5. Letting Your BFF In On Secrets

You recall how we previously discussed the dangers of excessive online sharing? Men also have similar feelings about sharing secrets with your best friend. Yes, we are aware that this is what BFFs are for, but perhaps you could attempt to restrain yourself from disclosing every single humiliating information about your guy to them. They would truly value that.

6. Making Him Join Your Friends’ Get-togethers

We all want our friends and family to get along, but forcing people to be best friends and spend time together doesn’t actually make things easier. Your boyfriend enjoys your pals, no doubt, but he likely shares fewer interests with them than you do. He doesn’t understand all the inside jokes and hasn’t known them for years, which can make him feel a little out of the loop. So, while we’re not saying he should never accompany you when you go out with pals, please refrain from pressuring him to do so.

Making Him Stop Seeing Specific Individuals

Listen, there will always be that one friend you don’t particularly like or that strange girl he seems to have known since they were young and who he claims to be his best friend but who gives you strange emotions. But since they are his pals, you cannot force him to stop visiting them just because you dislike them. You must recognize that he has a unique group of pals who work well together.

8. Distracting Him From His Job

Even though texting during the day is a good way to stay in touch, it can occasionally be rather distracting, particularly if he’s having a challenging day at work. We appreciate your kind intentions, but if he doesn’t respond, it’s usually because he’s busy and unable to. Don’t bug him; at worst, you’ll merely irritate him by telling him every time his phone vibrates that you love him rather than making his day better.

9. Attempting to Modify Him

Every woman believes she can make her man better, change his bad behaviors, and otherwise improve him. However, only portion of it is real. You can try to lessen his bad tendencies and enhance his positive traits, but you can’t fundamentally alter a man. And you can’t turn him into a guy who constantly dines out at upscale establishments while sporting a jumper knotted around his neck if he prefers to relax with a beer and watch sports with his friends on Saturdays. You get what I’m saying?

The Tenth Reason His Mom Hates You

It’s crucial to get along with his mother, but you shouldn’t tell your partner if you think she doesn’t truly like you. Men often behave strangely when seeking their mother’s approval. Therefore, if they haven’t already realized that their mother is unpleasant, trying to persuade them will just enrage him.