10 Tips On How To Go Blonde With Minimal Damage

Although you might believe that blondes enjoy themselves more, the peroxide and bleach color job you’re performing in your sink is actually harming your hair. Use these preparation and maintenance suggestions instead to maintain the health of your hair and say good-bye to damage!

1. Recognize that damage will inevitably occur no matter what strategy you employ. Since bleach and peroxide, which cause permanent chemical reactions in the hair, are required for becoming blond, there is no way to achieve this while maintaining the health of one’s natural hair.

2. Pick a salon to place over your bathroom vanity. Because of the makeup of the solution, salon tasks are more delicate but nevertheless result in dry hair. However, there is less risk that you will make a mistake and have to start over, doing more harm.

3. Quit looking for the ideal bleach that won’t harm your hair on Google. It is false and inaccurately represents the ingredients. More money spent on bleach is a wise decision. Consider better brands that contain nourishing additives like Brazilian Bond Builder.

4. Locate a colorist you can believe in. This entails sifting through Yelp reviews and Instagram photos, especially if you’re going blond for the first time. For instance, working with a top-notch colorist to invest in platinum is a fantastic option.

5. Spread it on. The deep condition masks, along with bond-repairing treatments, should be used every night for a week before dying and every night for a week after your session.

6. Don’t leave touch-ups till the last minute. After that, you’ll get that awful band of various blonde tones that requires a complete bleach redo to fix. Hello, harm. Continue each month!

7. To keep your dazzling shine and prevent brassiness, use a lot of purple cosmetics. Purple pigment is added to shampoos and conditioners to prevent brassiness from developing naturally.

8. Purchase oil-based single-use masks. When it comes to retaining moisture and mending brittle, broken strands, argon oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are all your friends.

9. A few days before bleaching, avoid washing your hair. Avoiding harm by building up natural oils is important, so be careful not to overwash!

10. To prevent matting or tangled hair when doing aftercare, take a moment to finger comb strands from the ends up after and before your shower. Additionally, stay away from oil treatments that might discolor clothing.


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