10 Tips To Keep Skin Soft And Glowing In Winter

The worst is having dry skin when you awaken in the thick of winter. Your dry skin and chapped lips make you feel like a zombie, and you don’t want to approach anyone. Here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated and content during the winter.

1. Winter brings with it uncomfortable, chapped emotions and dry, cracked skin, neither of which make you feel supple or young. Here are some tips for keeping your skin hydrated during the dry and chilly months.

2. Avoid frequent hot baths or showers. Despite how great a hot shower feels in the winter, lukewarm water is preferable. Warm water doesn’t remove anything.

3. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. The better, the more organic! Harsh cleaners remove the vital oils that act as moisturizers. Flare ups are not brought on by gentle ones.

4. After taking a shower, moisturize. Moisturizing damp skin helps keep it that way and prevents the pasty ashiness that none of us want. The colder it is, the more lotion you should apply!

5. Avoid using products that include petroleum because they will make your skin even drier. Instead, pick nourishing water-based products containing Shea, cocoa, jojoba, and cocoa.

6. Purchase a humidifier, preferably for your bedroom. You won’t feel like The Mummy with chapped lips and a dry face since it will add moisture back into the air.

7. Use skin protection, such as gloves and scarves, to shield your delicate epidermis from the environment. Both the summer and the winter sun should be treated with zinc oxide.

8. Apply a deeply hydrating balm overnight on hands, elbows, feet, and knees. Apply cotton gloves and socks the next day to lock in that moisture for unrivaled smoothness.

9. Cleaning up that annoying old sin is also crucial for the wintertime. Apply a face, lip, and hand exfoliating mask in addition to a quality homemade body scrub.

10. Use a washing balm or cleansing milk that is more hydrating and emollient instead of a cleanser that contains salicylic or glycolic acid.


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