10 Unbelievable Eye Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try Immediately

Millions of women put on eye makeup every day. It encourages makeup artists to produce breathtaking techniques and great new looks that can be applied by women all over the world. It is both entertaining, intriguing and serves a greater aim of making women more confidence about themselves, maybe to a point when the dominant eye makeup trend will be no makeup at all! But until then we can play with eye makeup as much as we desire. Here are 10 incredible eye makeup ideas you’ll want to try yourself.


If you ever feel the urge to produce a fairytale-like aesthetic, this is the very technique you should employ. Ellie Costello, a young makeup artist from London, calls her makeup style ‘terrarium eye’, which involves a mix of blossoms and other 3D appliqués with a bit of paint here and there. It looks truly quirky!


Color-blocking is not a new trend and has been used in fashion for more than a few years now. Still, makeup artists are only finding this technique and make first efforts in generating usable eye makeup tricks. It reads more ‘high fashion’ than ‘everyday look’, but if you like playing with colors and aren’t scared to use a plethora of brushes, go ahead and try out this excellent method.

Feather eyebrows

Eyebrows play a crucial function in making a spectacular-looking makeup. Stella Sironen, a skilled makeup artist from Finland, astonished thousands of Instagram followers when she unveiled her new ‘feather eyebrow’ look. She used a glue stick to divide the arch’s hairs in the middle to produce what she called a ‘feather-brow’. It does look like a quill!


Technically, sunglasses aren’t makeup, but Karen Walker likes to think they are just as crucial when creating a cosmetic look. Karen Walker Eyeshadow series plays with the illusion of wearing makeup. The sunglasses have no frames and the overall hue is incredibly soft and natural, with ‘eyeshadow’ that’s practically imperceptible on the glass.

Instagram makeup craze

A new odd and lovely makeup trend is spreading over the Internet. It appears pop culture has never influenced eye makeup trends in such a forceful and innovative way. Right now Instagram is plagued with all kinds of bizarre eye makeup ideas ranging from a tearful Kim Kardashian, to a yelling Meryl Streep parody from the 2015’s SAG Awards. There’s nothing you can’t put upon your eyelids now!

Experimenting with falsies

False eye lashes can’t be called a new fad, but makeup artists have come up with a truly innovative technique of utilizing them the opposite way round. If you want to create a truly dramatic extraterrestrial image, just flip your eyelashes and glue the tips of your falsies instead of the roots. The result will pleasantly surprise you!

Princess makeup

What girl didn’t wish to become a princess at least once in her life? Some makeup artists never entirely lose that ambition and try to make it come true one way or another. For instance, Marissa Melhorn, a 19-year-old cosmetic artist from Nebraska, constructed painstakingly crafted tiaras on her eyelids, complementing the entire princess appearance with some jewels on her forehead. This makeup is truly majestic

Terry Barber’s makeup

Terry Barber’s Instagram feed has been a source of inspiration for millions of women across the globe. This MAC beauty artist makes masterpieces on a daily basis and often sets new cosmetics trends all by himself. If you want to create a unique eye makeup appearance, his Instagram offers more than a few ideas and methods.

Neon look

Sometimes makeup artists grow into actual masters of illusion. They use light and shadow to generate spectacular-looking special effects like that of neon. Glowing light-inspired makeups may look spectacular, but they aren’t that hard to produce. Artists generally employ a black base, which is subsequently outlined by white color. They enhance the look with blue, pink or yellow that is blended in to produce the neon effect.


There’s one eye makeup look each lady can try right now — no special skills needed! This new method can get you hundreds of likes on Facebook in the matter of seconds and all you need to do is apply some eyeshadow to the bottom lashes. That’s it! Your eyes will look 10 times fiercer with a few easy strokes of brush. Why didn’t this pattern arise earlier?


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