10 Zodiac Signs That Will Make Terrible Couples

Sometimes you meet someone and fall in love only to learn that the very core characteristics about you are incomparable. This is when destiny can be unavoidable. How could this be discovered early on to prevent some suffering? See what pitfalls to avoid here. Knowing your astrological compatibility can truly make a big difference in how effective your relationship can be.

1. Taurus and Aries

Strong-willed Aries will likely clash with obstinate Taurus who enjoy sticking their tongue out and saying “I told you so.” Sparks fly when you two get into a quarrel, and not in a good manner. The passionate signs will break up in a tumultuous way, with the Taurus demanding constant justifications and the Aries attempting to ghost. Better to simply stay away from the situation.

2. Libra and Virgo

While Virgos view Libras as infantile and annoyingly careless, Libras view Virgos as self-righteous, excessively serious, and lacking in indulgence. In this instance, opposites may not attract. While Virgos tend to be more of the social butterfly kind who don’t value one-on-one time as much as you do, Libras have a limited, close-knit group of pals. Accept third wheels as a norm

3. Aquarius and Cancer

An Aquarius enjoys treating themselves and spending money carelessly. They may relocate and start again without worrying since they are carefree. Those who are not as adaptable could find this unsettling and annoying. The independent, homebody Cancer will unintentionally receive tickets to Hawaii for the same night from the free-spirited Aquarius, which will cause a major meltdown. The Aquarius will also likely correct the Cancer, which will enrage them even more.

4. Pisces and Libra

These two symptoms make it seem like a never-ending process to decide. The back and forth will be less endearing and more unpleasant. In addition, both indications detest conflict, which breeds lack of communication and passive-aggressive arguments. Although similar features can be advantageous, in this situation they can tear you apart. Unfortunately, because of the passive nature of these cues, they flee when they should be holding each other closest.

5. Capricorn and Sagittarius

It’s wise to be aware that the sexual chemistry with this one might not be spectacular. The Capricorn in a Sagittarius will constantly make them feel as though they are unable to enjoy themselves. While Sagittarius signs tend to be more carefree, Capricorns are more serious and responsible. It’s never fun switching from partner to mom.

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6. Aries and Scorpio

The fact that each of these indications are independent may appear fantastic. These signals will at first appreciate that each other respects their alone time because they are both very sensual and seductive. Sadly, those characteristics frequently appear only briefly in a relationship. Additionally, envious Scorpios are likely to behave poorly and instigate conflicts as a result. There will undoubtedly be communication problems and trust challenges in this relationship.

7. Virgo and Pisces

While Virgos may remain realistic and grounded, Pisces are renowned for their sensitivity and tendency to have their heads in the clouds. Although it might appear that they would complement one another, you might just butt heads. Virgos prefer order and cleanliness, whereas Pisces finds it difficult to compartmentalize in that way.

8. Capricorn and Libra

While Capricorn can occasionally be obstinate about getting their own way and even a little bit controlling, Libra is very giving and can be a people-pleaser. As a result, there may develop a manipulative dynamic in which the Capricorn may take advantage of the gullible Libra who will never stop giving despite being told to stand up for herself or himself. The distant Capricorn will never fully understand the sensitive Libra’s open heart.

9. Taurus and Leo.

Taurus people are comfortable being homebodies or simply hanging out with new friends, in contrast to Leos who might be extroverts who enjoy being around lots of people. It can be challenging to get an agreement between these two. Additionally, both signs struggle to apologize because to their strong senses of pride. Unsuitable for fighting. Party animal against homebody isn’t typically a match made in heaven, especially if both of you are obstinate.

10. Scorpio and Gemini

These relationships may have wonderful sex and make sense as friends with benefits, but they will undoubtedly end. While a Gemini might not be as into the in-depth, soulful conversations that last for hours on end, Scorpios can be fairly open and honest about their emotions. Scorpios have a tendency to be a little possessive, and Gemini won’t want to talk about the ensuing jealous arguments.