11 Ayurvedic Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Food is medicine when taken properly, so it seems sense that this ancient knowledge system, Ayurveda, offers countless suggestions for what to eat and when to eat it. Here is a short list of 11 Ayurvedic foods that you should consume daily to stay healthy on the inside and out.


All of the dishes in an Ayurvedic cookbook are made using ghee, which you can see by opening it (purified butter). It has countless health advantages! In addition to being delicious, it offers restorative qualities and promotes digestion. It transfers all the beneficial ingredients and nutrients from the food you prepare to your body’s tissues by absorbing them.


One of the superfoods that is only known to Indians is amla. The best source of vitamin C in the world is this unassuming Indian goose berry, so forget about lemons and grapefruits! It is known to extend life, purify the body, enhance immunity, and improve digestion. It is best to consume it immediately or to prepare a hot, flavorful tea with lemon and ginger.


Dates are ideal if you want to cut back on sugar, even just a little bit (and, in Ayurveda’s opinion, you really should). They may replace sugar in many recipes and are excellent sources of energy. Dates can be eaten as dessert or added to smoothies for a natural sweetness boost.


This inexpensive aromatic spice is a wonder in itself. It significantly enhances digestion, eliminates toxins, and generally cleanses the body. If you want a caffeine-free energy boost, add it to your morning coffee or sip flavorful cardamom tea.

Beans, mung

Of all the legumes, mung beans are the healthiest and easiest to digest. Mung beans are your greatest pals if you’re looking for something nutritious and light to eat. They pair particularly well with grains like buckwheat, rice, and others. Without being very heavy, they will satisfy your hunger!


Lassiis a classic Indian drink made by blending yoghurt with water, spices, and occasionally even fruits for a flavor boost. Lassi can be consumed either before or after a meal and is excellent for digestion. If you combine it with honey, a little cardamom, and some fruits, it becomes the ideal side dish. Additionally, you can have a cumin seed-ground lassi that is salty.


One of the superfoods that should always be included in your diet is honey. It functions as a natural immune system builder, detoxifier, and sweetener and is an excellent substitute for sugar. Honey, which is rich in natural minerals and live enzymes, promotes lifespan, slows down all aging processes, and enhances overall health.


Almonds are a fantastic source of vigor and power. The minor blanching, removal of the skin (which is somewhat poisonous), and daily use of a few almonds are all advised by Ayurveda.


Jeera is regarded as the best treatment for all gastrointestinal problems. Jeera is fantastic for activating all of your digestive processes as well as the nervous system because it is full of dietary fiber and iron. It’s beneficial to begin your day with a glass of jeera water (just let a few tablespoons of jeera soak in water overnight).


One of those superfoods that doesn’t require an introduction is ginger, but due to how delicious it is, we had to include it on the list. Did you know that this hot root has over 25 different kinds of antioxidants? The quality is that high! When it comes to digestive issues and a compromised immune system, it is a universal remedy.


Although it should go without saying that water is the most effective treatment for all illnesses, it doesn’t harm to reiterate it. This straightforward “medicine” promotes healing, revitalizes the entire body, fights aging, moisturizes the skin, and works best when drank hot.


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